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Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia


Volume 8


Number 1


Review Article

Review Article

Comparison and Existence of Nanotechnology in Traditional Alternative Medicine: An Onset to Future Medicine

, 8(1): 13 - 25

Sreelakshmi Karuppath, Prathesha Pillai, Shantikumar V. Nair and Vinoth-Kumar Lakshmanan*

DOI: 10.2174/2210681206666160402004710

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

On Certain Counting Polynomial of Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes

S. Prabhu*, M. Arulperumjothi, G. Murugan, V.M. Dhinesh and J. Praveen Kumar

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C2F: Coarse-to-Fine Vision Control System for Automated Mi-croassembly

Shashank Tripathi*, Devesh Ramcharan Jain and Himanshu Dutt Sharma

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Implications of Metal Nanoparticles on Aquatic Fauna: A Review

Kamlesh Kumari, Prashant Singh , Kuldeep Bauddh *, Sadhucharan Mallick and Ramesh Chandra

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Nanotechnology: Nanomedicine, Nanotoxicity and Future Challenges

Vinod Kumar*, Ashish Kumar Choudhary, Prashant Kumar and Saurabh Sharma

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Antineoplastic and Antimicrobial Potential of Novel Phytofabri-cated Silver Nanoparticles from Pterospermum acerifolium Leaf Extract

Navdeep Raghuwanshi, Alok Patel, Neha Arora, Ritu Varshney, Amit Kumar Srivastava and Vikas Pruthi

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Implications of Nanotechnology in Healthcare

Preeti Patarwal, Mahaveer Genwa* and Pradeep Kumar

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Modified Layered Nanohybrid Structures for the Slow Release of Urea

, 2014; 4(2): 94 - 102

Nilwala Kottegoda, Chanaka Sandaruwan, Piyumi Perera, Nadeesh Madusanka and Veranja Karunaratne

DOI: 10.2174/221068120402150521124729

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: An Innovative Nano-Vehicles for Drug Delivery

, 2014; 4(1): 38 - 44

Hema Chaudhary, Samita, Nitika Puri and Vikash Kumar

DOI: 10.2174/22106812113036660003

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