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Current Social Sciences

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Volume 2 , 2024

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Publishes original research articles, letters, reviews/mini- reviews and guest edited thematic issues on various topics related to transportation.

The section named Transportation of the journal Current SocialSciences publishes original research articles,  letters, reviews/mini-reviews and guest-edited thematic issues on various transportation-related topics.

This section is not limited to a specific aspect of the field but is devoted to a wide range of sub-fields. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome. Basic theoretical developments, applications, case studies, novel approaches and processes, and empirical research are among the topics covered in the papers. Submissions in the following areas are of special interest to the readers of this journal:

· Transportation and environment

· Transportation and infrastructure

· Transportation and logistics

· Transportation and society

· Transportation development

· Transportation economics

· Transportation management

· Transportation planning

· Transportation policy

·  Transportation practices

Section Editor-in-Chief css_eic_Qixiu-Cheng-ab_001 Cheng Qixiu Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong China

Dr. Qixiu Cheng obtained his PhD degree from Southeast University, Nanjing, China. Currently, he is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests include traffic flow theory, transportation network modeling and optimization, freeway traffic management and control, and transportation of big data analytics and urban informatics.

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Editorial Board Member(s) css_eic_Nebojsa-ab_001 Bojovic Nebojsa Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering University of Belgrade Belgrade Serbia

Prof. Nebojsa Bojovic is a full professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (FTTE) since 2007, and Head of the faculty since 2015, President of the main scientific committee for traffic, urbanism and construction in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development since 2017. In 1997, he defended his Ph.D. thesis "Dimensioning of fleets and distribution of empty cars on complex transport networks". He has delivered lectures on many subjects at all levels of studies in the field of organization and management in traffic, transport and communications, engineering economics, evaluation and management. His Scientific research and interest are: application of operational research, information systems and traffic management theory with special emphasis on: Sizing of rolling stock in railway traffic; Routing and scheduling of vehicles in railway traffic; Risk management and Project Management.

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css_eic_Habib-ab_001 GÜRBÜZ Habib Department of Automotive Engineering Suleyman Demirel University Isparta Türkiye

Dr. Habib GÜRBÜZ is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Automotive Engineering of Suleyman Demirel University. He graduated from the Mechanical Education Department of Gazi University in 2002. He received his PhD degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Süleyman Demirel University in 2010. Dr. Gürbüz mainly studied the internal combustion engine, alternative fuels and combustion, hydrogen energy, waste heat recovery, intelligent transport systems, and phase exchange materials.

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css_eic_Iryna-Heiets_001 Heiets Iryna School of Engineering RMIT University Melbourne Australia

Dr. Iryna is a Senior Lecturer in Aviation at RMIT University. Iryna's research focuses on air transportation management, aviation strategy, game theory, coopetition strategy, airline marketing and operations. Iryna received her Ph.D. from the National Aviation University (Ukraine), where she studied Bachelor's and Master's programs and then she was working as an Assistant and Associate Professor at the Department of Air Transportation Management leading a major redevelopment of the program. Prior to coming to RMIT University, Dr. Iryna visited the Université de Montpellier in France as a Post-doctorate and received her qualification from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the USA and studied E-business. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
css_eic_Yongxiang-Zhang_001 Zhang Yongxiang School of Transportation and Logistics Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu China

Dr. Yongxiang Zhang obtained his PhD degree from Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the School of Transportation and Logistics at Southwest Jiaotong University. His research interests include large-scale railway train scheduling; real-time railway traffic management; railway crew and rolling stock scheduling; simulation-based optimization approaches for railway operations; and applications of big-data analytics and machine learning techniques.

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Section: Transportation

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