Applications of Nanomaterials in Medical Procedures and Treatments

Innovative Approaches to Prosthetics and Implants

Author(s): Sıtkı Kocaoğlu* and Erhan Akdoğan

Pp: 75-115 (41)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136951123040005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The use of prosthesis plays an important role in rehabilitation in the case of congenital absence or loss of an extremity. Apart from lower and upper extremity prostheses, there is a wide variety of prostheses used in different parts of the body. Unlike limb prostheses, these are permanently placed in the body by surgical intervention and are also called implants. New studies emerge every day in the development of innovative prostheses and implants. These innovations include material selection, new material development, control strategies, feedback system development, sensor and actuator development, power supply methods, and power equipment development work. Besides, many studies aim to increase user comfort as well as acceptance rate and the useful life of prostheses. Some researchers are working to develop prostheses exclusively for the use of children. Innovative developments in prostheses and implants are examined in this section. Developments are presented from various aspects, and information is given about the research that has made significant contributions to the field. As an example of technological development in prosthetics, an autonomic tumor prosthesis developed for children with bone cancer is introduced at the end of the section as a case study.

Keywords: Active prosthesis, Implant, Innovation, Material selection, Orthopedic implant, Pediatric prosthetics, Prosthesis classification, Prosthetics, Tumor prosthesis.

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