Mobile Computing Solutions for Healthcare Systems

A Game-Based Neurorehabilitation Technology to Augment Motor Activity of Hemiparesis Patients

Author(s): J. Sofia Bobby*, B. Raghul and B. Priyanka

Pp: 157-203 (47)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050592123010014

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Stroke recovery is the subsequent goal of stroke medicine. Rehabilitation and recovery research is exponentially increasing. However, several impediments impede the progress in the design of neurorehabilitation technology for stroke patient recovery. The conventional rehabilitation techniques for stroke recovery have some limitations like the absence of standardized terminology, poorly described methods, lack of consistent time frames and recovery biomarkers, reduced participation, and inappropriate measures to examine outcomes. Stroke recovery is challenging for many survivors. They require highly functioning and quick treatment accompanied by a gradual acceptance of brain improvement and human behavior. Therefore, there is an immediate need for neurorehabilitation technology to improve the quality of activities of daily life (ADLs) of those disabled. The method adopted is the design of neurorehabilitation technology using game-based systems that enhances the motor activities of hemiparesis patients. 

Keywords: Arduino, Hemiparesis, Neurorehabilitation, Stroke, Visual feedback.

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