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Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets

(Formerly as Current Drug Targets - Infectious Disorders)

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Volume 24 , Issues 8, 2024

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Institutional Members

Editorial Board

iddt Editor-in-Chief iddt_eic_sabatier_001 Sabatier Jean-Marc Laboratoire ERT 62 'Ingénierie des peptides à visée thérapeutique' Université de la Méditerranée Faculté de Médecine Nord Boulevard Pierre Dramard 13916 - MARSEILLE Cedex 20 France

Jean-Marc SABATIER is a Director of research at the French CNRS, with PhD and HDR degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology. He headed several academic research teams (CNRS, INSERM and University), as well as a combined academic-industry research laboratory devoted to the engineering of therapeutic peptides (ERT62, Marseilles, France). He was also a Director of Research for several French private companies as well as a Canadian public company. He acts as a Consultant for top pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Dr. Sabatier works in the field of animal toxins. He so far contributed to several books in toxinology and virology, and more than 160 scientific articles, 180 communications, and 53 patents in both biology and chemistry.

Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Founding Editor iddt_ce_goldman_006 Goldman Robert RCG Consulting Wimauma FL USA

Dr. Goldman received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worchester, MA. He was then awarded the prestigious Leverhulme Fellowship to teach and pursue research at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Returning to the United States Dr. Goldman accrued 4 years advanced training in infectious disease research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD. He then joined Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL where he spent 16 years discovering and developing anti-infective agents, and continued this work as Director of Biology, Incara Research Labs, Princeton, NJ, before returning to the NIH for 14 years, focusing on discovery and development of new TB drugs. Dr. Goldman is currently a private consultant (RGC Consulting), senior advisor to Valaria Technical Consultants and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Lilly-NIH TB Drug Discovery Initiative. Dr. Goldman was the Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief for Infectious Disorder – Drug Targets (2000-2007). He has authored 79 peer-reviewed publications and 18 invited reviews. Scopus RsearcherId
Co-Editor-in-Chief iddt_ce_cao_006 Cao Zhijan Modern Virology Research Center College of Life Sciences Wuhan University Wuhan China

Dr. Cao is a professor from College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, China. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the research of animal toxin peptides, involving in cDNA, genome, biological and pharmacological roles (such as anti-virus, anti-tumor, ion-channel-modulating), molecular diversity and evolution. Dr. Cao graduated Ph.D from College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, China in 2004. He was a visiting scholar of Meharry Medical College, USA from 2014 to 2015. Notably, Dr. Cao has authored more than 100 manuscripts and 12 patents. He was an Excellent Young Scholar of China National Science Fund in 2014 and got Youth Science and Technology Award from Chinese Society of Toxicology in 2016. Scopus RsearcherId
Regional Editor iddt_ce_qadri_006 Qadri Ishtiaq Mohammad Department of Medical Biotechnology King Fahd Medical Research Center King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ishtiaq Qadri obtained his PhD degree in Biotechnology from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK. Later on, he completed several years of postdoctoral training from the University of San Francisco, CA, USA. He is an active researcher involved in the study of viral-induced pathogenesis and has served in many top academic positions in US, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He is the founding Director General of National Center of Virology and Immunology which was sponsored by HEC, Pakistan and US-State Dept. Dr. Qadri has completed 30 research grants and 170 research publications and is Editor in chief of and Editor of over a dozen International journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Section Editors iddt_ebm_mengel-j_001 Mengel Jose Laboratory of Clinical Immunology Oswaldo Cruz Institute Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Dr. José Mengel earned his M.D. and Ph.D. from the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Following a postdoc at the University of Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets Alabama at Birmingham with Prof. John F. Kearney. He is a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology, Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC/FIOCRUZ), Brazil, and Assistant Professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine of Petrópolis, Brazil. His research interests are related to the immunology of host/parasite relationship with an emphasis on immune regulation. He has supervised many Ph.D. students and postdocs and has published 55 papers in international journals. Immunology Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_nissapatorn-v_001 Nissapatorn Veeranoot School Of Allied Health Sciences Research Excellence Center for Innovation and Health Products (RECIHP) Walailak University Nakhon Si Thammarat Thailand

Dr. Veeranoot Nissapatorn is currently working at the School of Allied Health Sciences, Walailak University, in Thailand. She obtained MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi University, India, Diploma and Master of Clinical Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University, Thailand. Moreover, Dr Veeranoot actively involves in the research development with her areas of interest are infectious parasitic diseases including epidemiology, clinical relevant, diagnostic challenges, natural products and health awareness including human and animal aspects. Dr Veeranoot is a member on different editorial boards for established journals as well as an active peer reviewer for over 30 different journals. Dr Veeranoot has published book chapters and also served as Book Editor, Associate Editor, Guest Editor/speakers in various international conferences and Visiting Professor. Infectious diseases Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_tramontano_001 Tramontano Enzo Department of Life and Environmental Sciences University of Cagliari Cagliari Italy

Enzo Tramontano, graduated in Biology in 1990 at the University of Cagliari, Italy, he spent four years at the Department of Pharmacology of the Yale University School of Medicine, USA, as Visiting Research Scientist and was then recruited at the University of Cagliari, Italy, where he is currently Full Professor of Microbiology and serves as Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy. His main fields of interest are HIV drug development, the interplay between viruses and the innate immune system, and the human endogenous retroviruses.

Virology Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Frontier Section Editor iddt_ebm_kazemian_001 Kazemian Hossein Department of Medical Microbiology Tehran University of Medical Sciences Iran

Hossein Kazemian was born in Ilam, west of Iran in 1988. He gained the first rank in Msc and PhD exam in Iran. He received his master of Medical microbiology in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. His thesis was about Mycobacterium tuberculosis. He is PhD candidate (senior) of Medical Bacteriology in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Now, he is member of Clinical Microbiology Research Center in Ilam University of Medical Sciences, Iran and also Iranian society of microbiology. His main field is tuberculosis, Molecular genotyping, Antimicrobial resistance, Herbal Medicine, etc. Medical Microbiology Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Editorial Board Members iddt_ebm_abouelfetouh_001 Abouelfetouh Abouelfetouh Y. Faculty of Pharmacy Alexandria University Alexandria Egypt

Dr. Abouelfetouh obtained an MSc (2007) and a PhD (2010) in Microbiology from Alexandria University studying biofilms as part of the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance among bacteria. She was a bioVision.Nxt fellow (Lyon, 2011). She conducted two post-doctoral fellowships at Loyola University Chicago 2012-2013 on a Fulbright scholarship and Medical College of Wisconsin 2013-2014. Dr. Abouelfetouh is currently an associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt where she teaches microbiology to Pharmacy students. She is the principal investigator of a number of projects studying antimicrobial resistance among clinical isolates. She has important publications in the field. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_elsalam_001 Abd-Elsalam Sherief Medical School of Tanta Tanta University Tanta Egypt

MD, PhD, Associate Professor , Medical School of Tanta, Tanta University, Egypt. -Consultant of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Infectious diseases in Tanta University Hospital. -Expert for Egyptian association for research and training in Hepatology and Gastroenterology. -Top 1% Global reviewer in clinical Medicine. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Alkadi Hourieh Department of Chemistry Damascus University Damascus Damascus Syria Scopus iddt_ebm_andreotti_001 Andreotti Daniele GlaxoSmithkline Research Centre Verona Italy

Dr. D. Andreotti obtained his degree in Chemistry from the University of Ferrara, Italy, in addition Dr. Andreotti also holds a further qualification as Specialist in Organic Synthesis from University of Milan, Italy. Dr. Andreotti has got about 30 years of experience in the Drug Discovery field with a particular focus on the antibacterial side. He has published more than 65 scientific publications including papers and patents. Since 2015 Dr. Andreotti is member of the Editorial Board Member of IDDT journal. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_ballal_001 Ballal Mamatha Department of Microbiology Manipal University Manipal India

Dr. Ballal is currently working as the Professor of Microbiology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Manipal University. She heads the Enteric Diseases Division under the Central research Laboratory of Manipal University. The Enteric division plays an important role in investigating and managing outbreaks of cholera and food poisoning in this geographical area. She completed her Masters in Medical Microbiology from Kasturba Medical College in 1984 and in 1990 continued to do her Doctorate in “Bacteriological, immunological and serological studies of Salmonella typhimurium in humans and experimental studies in animals. She was awarded Ph.D. in 1995. She worked as a Junior Research Fellow (1984-1986) and as a Senior Research Fellow (1989-1990) under ICMR – New Delhi. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_broccolo_f_at_001 Broccolo Francesco Department of Medical Microbiology University of Milano-Bicocca Milan Italy

Dr. Francesco Broccolo obtained his degree in Medicine and Surgery (in 2010) from University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. Presently, Dr. Broccolo is employed as Researcher of Medical Microbiology, in the School of Medicine, at University of Milano-Bicocca, Monza, Italy. His skills and expertise mainly lie in the subject areas/fields of clinical microbiology, bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, virology, serology and molecular diagnostics (QPCR, Sequencing by Sanger and NGS), etc. Prof. Broccolo has published over 64 manuscripts and his documents have received citations greater than 1,135. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_ginaldi-l-ah_001 Ginaldi Lia Department of Life, Health & Environmental Sciences University of L’Aquila L’Aquila Italy

Dr. Ginaldi is a full professor of Applied Medical and Technical Sciences at the Department of Life, Health & Environmental Sciences of L’Aquila University since 2018. She is the director of the Clinical Immunology and Allergology Unit of Teramo Hospital since 2008 and and also a coordinator of the Master of Gender Medicine 2019. She served as the president of the Postgraduate Medical School for Specialists in Clinical Immunology and Allergology from 2009 to 2018 and an associate professor of Internal Medicine from 2000 to 2018. She is the head of the Regional Center of Excellence on Osteoporosis since 2010. She as academic activity in various degrees and specialization courses and doctorates of the University of L'Aquila since 2000. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_guarneri_001 Guarneri Claudio Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine University of Messina Messina Italy

Prof. Dr. Claudio Guarneri was born in Catania, Italy, on November 01, 1973. He did University studies from 1992 to 1999 at University of Messina, Italy, School of Medicine and Surgery - Degree in Medicine and Surgery (cum laude) followed by Master in Dermatologic Surgery, University of Siena, Italy 2005. He worked as Medical Director Dermatologist at the ‘Pugliese-Ciaccio’ Regional Hospital, Catanzaro, Italy 2005-2006. Presently he is working as Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the Department of Clinical Experimental Medicine, Institute of Dermatology, University of Messina, Messina, Italy 2006-to date. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_islam-t-rab_001 Islam Tofazzal Department of Biotechnology Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University Ghazipur Bangladesh Orcid Scopus RsearcherId iddt_ebm_jahromi_001 Jahromi Maryam K. Department of Medicine Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore MD USA

Dr. Maryam Keshtkar Jahromi is an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her area of clinical expertise is viral hemorrhagic fevers. She earned her M.D. at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Iran. She completed an internal medicine residency at Union Memorial Hospital, University of Maryland in Baltimore, USA. She performed a fellowship in infectious diseases at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. She is currently certified by American Board of Internal Medicine in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_kumar-v_001 Kumar Vikas Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences Allahabad India

Dr. Vikas Kumar M. Pharm, Ph.D is currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Allahabad, India. The main research focus includes natural product drug discovery. His research work focused on the cancer management via herbal drug and their phyto-constituents. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_leowattana_001 Leowattana Wattana Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine Mahidol University Bangkok Thailand

Associate Professor Wattana Leowattana, MD., Ph.D. is Professor of Tropical Medicine and faculty member of the Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, and Mahidol University. He also serves as Director of Hospital for Tropical Diseases during 2005 – 2009. Dr. Leowattana earned his MD. from Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his residency in Clinical Pathology and Family Medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University in 1989 and Master Degree in Clinical Science in 1991. He also earned Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Tropical Medicine in 2005. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_lu-d-ar_001 LU Da-Yong School of life sciences Shanghai University Shanghai China

Dr Da-Yong LU, is a PhD and working as an associated professor at Shanghai University.China. He is working on the studies of cancer pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology and clinical therapeutics, especially on the pharmacological studies of new Chinese anticancer agent probimane and MST-16 and antimetastatic targets of fibrinogen and sialic acids and individualized cancer chemotherapy (ICC) since 1982. His interest is focused on the basic studies of cancer biology, pathology, treatment, origins of life and other field of science disciplines. He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed international journals. He was the first author of more than 150 original scientific articles in international journals and three books published by UK, US and Germany-based publication companies. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_maltezou_004 Maltezou Helena Department for Interventions Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention Athens Greece

Dr. Maltezou received her Medical Diploma in 1991 from the University of Crete, Greece, and had her post-doctoral fellowship during 1994-1997 on viral infections in immunocompromised patients at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, USA. In 2000 Dr. Maltezou received her PhD from the University of Crete in collaboration with the University of Texas (Thesis: Viral Infections in Children Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants). During 1997-2001 Dr Maltezou was trained at the Pediatric Residency Program of the University of Athens, Greece, and subsequently, during 2001-2003, she was trained in infectious diseases at the Unite des Rickettsies, Universite de la Mediterannee, Marseille, France. Besides, she is the 2001 recipient of the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Award. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_nakazato_001 Nakazato Gerson Department of Microbiology State University of Londrina Londrina Brazil

Dr. Nakazato, did his graduation in Veterinary Medicine (1997) by Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV - Brazil) and MSc. and PhD. in Genetic and Molecular Biology by Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP – Brazil) with performance in Microbiology. Currently, he is a professor and researcher at the Department of Microbiology from Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL – Brazil). He has expertise in Bacteriology, Veterinary, Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology. He received the productivity scholarship from CNPq (government research agency) in Technological Development with several patents. He has great experience as a reviewer`s journals and associate editor. He also have a partnership with international researchers (USA, Canada and Mexico). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_ondarza_004 Ondarza Raul N. Department of Biochemistry National Institute Public Health Mexico

Professor Ondarza is a professor of Biochemistry in thefaculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM. His research interest is in Biochemistry and molecular biology of human parasites. He was a visiting professor in four occasions, at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego at La Jolla, California, during his sabbatical years, 1964, 1982, 2002, 2005 and a visiting researcher at the Department of Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, at La Jolla, 1986. He is a member of national and International Societies. Besides, on the editorial boards of various journals. He has 50 scientific publications and 16 books and number of awards and honors to his credit. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_oyinloye-be-ah_001 Oyinloye Babatunji E. Department of Biochemistry Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti Nigeriia Orcid Scopus RsearcherId iddt_ebm_seyed_001 SeyedAlinaghi Seyed Iranian Research Center for HIV/AIDS Tehran University of Medical Sciences Tehran Iran

Dr. Syed Ali NAGHI attained his MD degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (1998-2006). He was awarded in Razi and Avicenna festivals. He is currently a PhD by Research in Epidemiology and has written 230 articles and 14 scientific, mainly focused on different aspects of HIV/AIDS. Currently, he serves as an assistant professor at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He has also served as a Member of Editorial Board in World Journal of Virology, Journal of Therapy and Management in HIV Infection, and Journal of HIV and STD Research. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Scaglione Francesco University of Milan Milan Italy Orcid Scopus RsearcherId iddt_ebm_de-simone-sg_001 De Simone Salvatore G. Department of Biochemistry Centre for Technological Development in Health Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil

Bachelor on Sci, MSci and DrSci in Biochemistry (Federal of Rio de Janeiro University). Visiting researcher at the Department of Medical Parasitology, NYU, USA and European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany. Was full Professor of Biochemistry at the Federal Fluminense University, Niterói, RJ, Brazil and Chief of the Biochemistry of Protein and Peptides Laboratory at Oswaldo Cruz Institute-FIOCRUZ, RJ, Brazil. Is Specialist in Sci & Technology Production and Innovation in Health of the Center for Technological Development in Healthy (FIOCRUZ-CDTS) and Researcher of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) of Brazil. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_tekwani_001 Tekwani Babu L. Department of Pharmacology University of Mississippi Oxford, MS USA

Principal Scientist & Professor of Pharmacology, National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR), School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi, University, MS, USA. Leading Molecular Parasitology and in vitro/in vivo screening research related to the antiparasitic drug discovery programs at the NCNPR. Coordinator and Co-PI collaborative UM (NCNPR) and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) drug discovery program (2001-till date).Focus of Research- Biochemistry and molecular biology of tropical disease pathogens (malaria, leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis); Drug Metabolism; Neurodegenerative disorders; New drug discovery research; Pharmacokinetics, In vitro–in vivo drug metabolism, Molecular and functional characterization of potential targets enzymes, genes and metabolic pathways from malaria and leishmania parasites. �� Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_wei-w-rab_001 Wei Wang Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases Jiangsu China

Dr. Wei Wang is an associate professor at Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases and the Key Laboratory on Technology for Parasitic Disease Prevention and Control, National Health Commission of China. His research interests focus on drug development and screening for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), drug resistance, vector control, management of imported pathogens and epidemiology. Dr. Wei Wang has published over 100 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. In addition, he is currently on the editorial board of more than 10 international peer-reviewed journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Associate Editorial Board Member(s) iddt_ebm_abdi-j-ah_001 Abdi Jahangir Ilam University of Medical Sciences Ilam Iran

Dr. Jahangir Abdi is an Assistant Professor of Parasitology at the Ilam Univeristy of Medical Science, Iran. He did MSc in Med Parasitology from Isfahan University Medical Science, Isfahan, Iran, (2004) and PhD in Medical Parasitology from Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran. He has around 37 publications to his credit so far. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_Ahmad-sh_001 Ahmad Lateef University of Swabi Swabi Pakistan

Lateef Ahmad is currently working as Assistant Professor at Department of Pharmacy, University of Swabi. He is actively involved in teaching Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmacokinetics and Drug metabolism to both graduate and post graduate students. His research focuses on the quantification of drug molecules in different biological matrices and formulation of drugs. He is author of several research articles on HPLC/LCMS methods of drugs and their pharmacokinetics. Currently, he is collaborating with pharmaceutical industry and infectious disease specialist in hospitals to develop fixed dose combinations and improve the formulations of already available drugs. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_genovese-c_001 Genovese Carlo Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences University of Catania Catania Italy

Carlo Genovese is currently a Professor of Microbiology at the Department of Drug Sciences, University of Catania (Italy). From 2016 to 2018, he was Research Collaborator at IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, BioBIM – Interinstitutional Multidisciplinary BioBank, Rome (Italy). From 2012 to 2015, he was a Research Fellow at the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases - University of Rome “Sapienza” (Italy). In 2011, he received his Ph.D. degree in Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and in 2007 he completed Undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies (University of Catania). He is a Member of the American Society for Microbiology since 2009. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_khan-m_001 Khan Mohd M. School of Medicine University of Maryland Baltimore MD USA

Dr. Khan is a host-pathogen systems biology expert, who has extensively published in infectious diseases domain. Dr. Khan has performed cutting-edge research, generated big datasets, and employed different analytical tools to uncover human – pathogen interaction biology and characterize immunotherapeutics, bacterial biofilms, and endotoxins. His fields of expertise include Endotoxin Biology, Host-pathogen systems biology, systems immunoproteomics, Biofilms, and high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry. Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_kothari-v-rab_001 Kothari Vijay Nirma University Ahmedabad India

Dr. Vijay Kothari is a microbiologist with following major research themes:(a)Role of Traditional Medicine in combating AMR (antimicrobial resistance); (b)Microbial response to sonic stimulation. He was awarded ‘Sentinel of Science’ in 2016 by Publons in recognition of his contribution towards peer-reviewing. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
iddt_ebm_singh-pk-ah_001 Singh Pradip K. Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond VA USA

Dr. Pradip Singh is a PhD in Microbiology from CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology, India. Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA. His area of expertise are basic microbiology, antimicrobial peptide, Type IV pili system, molecular cloning, protein, peptide purifications, and development of high throughput screening methods for drugs. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
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