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Current Forensic Science

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Volume 2 , 2024

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Aims & Scope

Current Forensic Science publishes the latest researches in various disciplines of forensic science in a broad spectrum of fields. Commentaries, letter articles, case reports, and original research and review articles will be published in this journal.

These are some areas of interest that are included:

●      Dactyloscopy
●      Food Toxicology Analysis
●      Forensic Anthropology
●      Forensic Entomology in Estimation Post Mortem Interval
●      Forensic Genetics and Guidelines for Sample Collection
●      Forensic Pathology
●      Forensic Toxicology and Guidelines for Sample Collection
●      Guidelines and Harmonized Procedures in Forensic Sciences
●      Investigation of Environmental Crimes
●      Laboratorial, Biochemical and Molecular Biology Methods in Forensic Sciences
●      Legal Medical Autopsy
●      Mathematical and Computational Methods of Data Analysis in Forensic Sciences
●      Phytochemistry and Forensic Botanics
●      Techniques of Analytical Chemistry

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