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Volume 13, Issues 8, 2023

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The Natural Products Journal a peer-reviewed journal, aims to publish all the latest and outstanding developments in natural products.

The Natural Products Journal publishes original research articles, full-length/mini-reviews, letters, and guest-edited issues on all aspects of research and development in the field, including isolation, purification, structure elucidation, synthesis, and bioactivity of chemical compounds found in nature. Articles related to recent developments in medicinally important natural products, particularly concerning the structure-activity studies regarding certain diseases, such as inflammation, cancer, tropical diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., are also covered in this journal.

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"I am impressed with the quality and importance of the articles that have appeared in The Natural Products Journal. They all appear to have been thoroughly reviewed and are of the highest quality. The Natural Products Journal has enabled me and my colleagues to start a large international collaboration. The Natural Products Journal is not only advancing science, but also helping to prevent human suffering and disease and is improving international relations – thus helping world peace".

Robert E. Smith
Associate Editor; Science advisor-FDA; Assistant professor- Park University, United States

Published Special Issue(s)

Emerging Azoles: Structure-Function Relationship and Their Therapeutic Potential
Guest Editor(s): Anil K. Sharma, Vinod Kumar

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