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Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

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Volume 17 , Issues 5, 2024

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Institutional Members

Editorial Board

rpmeng Editor-in-Chief Mengjie Song Department of Energy and Power Engineering School of Mechanical Engineering Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing P.R. China

Dr. Song Mengjie, is the Professor in the Department of Energy and Power Engineering, and Director of Frost Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China. He is also the Associate Editor of Frontiers in Energy Research (SCI, IF=2.746), JSPS and DECRA Researcher in Japan and Australia, respectively. Prof. SONG for the past ten years, is focusing on the mechanism of heat and mass transfer, coupled with the flow. On the topic of frosting and defrosting of air source heat pump, he proposed a series of definitions to describe thermophysical phenomena. His current research interests include solidification of water droplets at different scales and (anti-/de)icing of aircraft surface, pumped two-phase cooling system with multi-circuit micro-channel heat exchangers around flow boiling, frosting and defrosting of a multi-circuit heat exchanger in refrigeration systems, and thermal comfort for buildings and energy storage with phase change materials, etc. Currently, he has published many articles, and provided his services in more than 50 international academic journals. He has successfully received fundings as sole- PI, with a total amount of up to 17 million RMB. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Co-Editor-in-Chief rpmeng_ebm_q-xu_001 Xu Qingsong Department of Electromechanical Engineering University of Macau Macau China

Qingsong Xu is a Full Professor with the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, where he directs the Smart and Micro/Nano Systems Laboratory. His current research area involves mechatronics, robotics and mechanisms, control and automation, smart and micro/nano systems, precision manipulation robots and applications, etc. He has published 3 monographs in Springer and Wiley and over 280 technical papers in international journals and conferences. His publications have been cited by over 7000 times in Google Scholar with h-index of 48. Prof. Xu is the recipient of several Best Paper Awards from IEEE international conferences. He has received multiple times of Macao Science and Technology Awards from Macao SAR, China. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Associate Editors rpmeng_ebm_choi_001 Choi Seung-Bok Department of Mechanical Engineering The State University of New York at Korea (SUNY Korea) Incheon South Korea

Professor Seung-Bok Choi received the B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from Inha University, South Korea, 1979. He received the Ph.D. degrees from the Michigan State University, U.S.A in 1990.. He is currently a dean of graduate school of Inha University and a distinguished fellow professor of mechanical engineering at Inha University, Incheon, South Korea. His research interests are control applications using smart materials such as electro-rheological (ER) fluids, magneto-rheological (MR) fluids and piezoelectric materials. He has published more than 450 refereed international journal papers and two books in the area of smart materials and their applications. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Hadavinia Homayoun School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Kingston University London United Kingdom Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Kurniawan Tonni A. College of the Environment and Ecology Xiamen University Xiamen China Orcid Scopus rpmeng_ebm_q-li_001 Li Qiusheng Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering City University of Hong Kong Kowloon Hong Kong

Prof. Qiusheng Li obtained his PhD and the best PhD thesis award (Professor K.H. Hunt medal) from Monash University, Australia. His main research interests and technical expertise are in wind engineering, structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, computational mechanics. His research in these fields has resulted in over 270 refereed international journal papers. Prof. Li is one of the most cited researchers in civil engineering according to Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2016 by Elsevier. Prof. Li has received several awards for his academic contributions including National Natural Science Foundation of Chinese Outstanding Oversea Scientist Award in 2004 and The First Class Award of the Scientific and Technological Progress from the Ministry of Education of China in 2010. He was appointed as Cheung Kong Chair Professor by the State Education Ministry of China in 2007. In particular, Prof. Li is the recipient of the 2016 Jack E. Cermak Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers, the highest honor in wind engineering, in recognition of 'his many contributions to wind engineering that range from fundamental to applied research'. Prof. Li has been a principal investigator for 71 research grants with a total funding over HK$40 million since 1998. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_x-zhang_001 Zhang Yixia School of Engineering and Information Technology The University of New South Wales Canberra Australia

Dr. Zhang is a Senior Lecturer in the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra. She was awarded her PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 2001. She has a strong expertise in Computational Mechanics and advanced numerical methods and modelling techniques. Her research areas includes the characterization of material and structural behaviour using advanced numerical modelling and experimental technique. Since 1998, she has published over 200 peer-reviewed scholarly research papers. She has served as local organisation committee and international technical committee member or advisory board member for over 10 international conferences. She has been a frequent reviewer for up to 20 leading International journals. Scopus RsearcherId
Regional Editors rpmeng_ebm_wu_001 Wu Guosong Department of Applied Physics and Materials Hohai University Nanjing P.R. China

Guosong Wu is presently a professor of Hohai University (China). He received his Ph.D. in materials processing engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) in 2007. Before he joined Hohai University, he has worked as a researcher in Chinese Academy of Sciences, City University of Hong Kong and Kwangwoon University (South Korea) for about 10 years. His research interests include surface engineering, corrosion science and plasma related technologies. He has published more than 70 international journal papers that have been cited over 1900 times (H-index=30). Also, he is working as an editorial board member for 4 international journals., Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_rajendran_001 Rajendran Susai Department of Chemistry RVS School of Engineering and Technology Dindigul India

Prof Dr Susai Rajendran has been serving the Student Community for the past 43 years as Professor of Chemistry. He is still continuing his research activities in the field of Corrosion and its control, Green Inhibitors, Concrete Corrosion, Corrosion resistance of metals and alloys in various body fluids, Synthesis and Characterization nano particles, Electro organic synthesis …He has received National Meritorious Award in the field of Corrosion, twice, from NACE, India Section. He has authored 3 Books and 1 Patent. He has published more than 300 papers in reputed Journals and produced 30+ PhD Degree Holders. Previously he has worked at GTN Arts College,Dindigul, Servite College of Education for Women, Thogamalai, RVS School of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, Indial. Presently he is Serving as Professor of Chemistry and Research Director at St Antony’s College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Dindigul. He feels that his students are his strength and wealth. He is standing on the shoulders of his Students. He is taking Research towards the Down Trodden. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_meng_001 Meng Hua School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Zhejiang University Hangzhou P.R. China

Dr. Hua Meng is a professor in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Zhejiang University, China. He received his Ph.D. from Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA, in 2001. His research focuses on supercritical-pressure heat transfer, supercritical-pressure combustion, and PEM fuel cell modeling. He is an Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Amirouche Farid Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering University of Illinois of Chicago Chicago IL United States Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_avila_001 Avila Antonio F. Department of Mechanical Engineering Federal University of Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte Brazil

Dr Avila is Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) and founder of the Nano-Mechanics Composite’s Laboratory. He has almost 30 years of experience on design, manufacturing and analysis of composite structures. Dr. Avila served as Pi in different research projects including ones funded by Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, Boeing, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, US Army, FIAT, and Brazilian Oil Company. At UFMG, Dr. Avila teaches machine design, mechanics of composite materials and structures, and finite element analysis. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_brunig_001 Brunig Michael Institute for Mechanics and Statics University of the German Armed Forces Munich Neubiberg Germany

Michael Brünig is Professor for Mechanics at the University of Bundeswehr Munich, Germany. His main research field is plasticity, damage and fracture of engineering materials. He developed a new continuum damage model based on experiments and corresponding numerical simulations. Previously, Michael Brünig served as Senior Lecturer (Privatdozent) at TU Dortmund University, holds a Dr.-Ing. in Civil Engineering from Ruhr-University Bochum and a Dipl.-Ing. in Civil Engineering from University of Hannover. Notably, Michael Brünig has authored more than 120 research papers and organized many mini-symposia in international conferences. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Chen Jeng-Tzong Department of Harbor and River Engineering National Taiwan Ocean University Keelung Taiwan Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Djojodihardjo Harijono Aerospace Engineering Department Universiti Putra Malaysia Selangor Malaysia Scopus RsearcherId Galio Alexandre F. Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Federal University of Pampa Rondonopolis Brazil Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_hsieh_001 Hsieh Wen-Hsiang Department of Automation Engineering National Formosa University Yunlin Taiwan

Dr. Hsieh is President of Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation (TAETI), and a professor at Department of Automation Engineering, National Formosa University (NFU). He has published more than 120 papers in the areas of mechanism design, bionic mechanisms, precision machinery, engineering Innovation, etc. In addition, Dr. Hsieh has already owned more than fifteen Invention Patents till now, Previously, he served as Program Chairman of the International Multi-Conferences on Engineering and Technology Innovation(IMETI, ICBEI, ICECEI, ICATI, ICETI) since 2011. He now serves as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (IJETI), Advances in Technology Innovation (AITI), and Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation (PETI). He also is Associate Editor of Transactions of Canadian society of Mechanical Engineering, Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Engineering and Materials Science, Journal of Vibroengineering, Sensor & Materials, Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_qin_001 Qin Qing H. School of Engineering The Australian National University Canberra Australia

Qing H. Qin received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Chang An University and his Master of Science and PhD degrees from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Both MS and PhD are in applied mechanics. He was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II fellowship in 1997 and a Professorial fellowship in 2002 at University of Sydney and stayed there till December 2003, both by the Australian Research Council. He is currently working as a professor in the Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University, Australia. He was appointed as a guest professor at HUST in 2000 and was a recipient of the J.G. Russell Award from the Australian Academy of Science. He has published over 300 journal papers and 7 monographs. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_senatore_001 Senatore Adolfo Department of Industrial Engineering University of Salerno Salerno Italy

Adolfo Senatore received the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Salerno, Salerno, Italy, in 1998, and the Ph.D. degree in Tribology from the University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, in 2002. He is currently Associate Professor of Mechanics for Machine Systems at Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno, while he has been serving as teacher of Industrial Measurements and Mechatronics since 2004. His scientific work is documented by more than 160 scientific papers in the following areas: frictional modeling and model-based control in automotive systems, lubrication in internal combustion engines and journal bearings, effects of nanoparticles as friction reducer additives, vibration measurement methods. He visited as Guest Scientist the Department of Applied Mechanics of the Technische Universitat Berlin with a grant from DAAD. He served as reviewer for several journals on the topics of Mechanics, Mechatronics, Tribology. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Frontiers Section Editors rpmeng_ebm_qu_001 Qu Zhiguo School of Energy & Power Engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University Shaanxi P.R. China

Professor Qu is a full professor in the School of Energy & Power Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, P.R.China. He obtained his PhD degree in engineering thermophysics from Xi’an Jiaotong University. His research interests include thermal management of energy system, phase change heat transfer, transport phenomena in porous media et al., and he has published 119 SCI indexed papers in peer-reviewed journals and has been serving as the editorial board member of several journals. He is a recipient of Young scholars of the Yangtze River, National Young Top-notch Talent Support Program, China National Funds for Excellent Young Scientists. Heat and Mass Transfer Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_carlomagno_001 Carlomagno Giovanni M. Department of Aerospace Engineering Università di Napoli Naples Italy

Prof. Carlomagno is Emeritus Professor of the University of Naples Federico II. He was member of the Board of Trustees, Dean of the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Schools of University of Naples. Member and Chairman of von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics Technical Advisory Committee. Member of the Executive Committee of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences. Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Member of the Editorial Board of more than 20 International Scientific Journals. Author of some 400 scientific papers and of more than 10 industrial patents. Author, Editor or Co-editor of some 30 books. Recipient of several scientific Awards. Honorary Fellow of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences. Honorary Member of the QIRT (Quantitative InfraRed Thermography) Council. Thermo-fluid-dynamics Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_g-sun_001 Sun Guangyong College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering Hunan University Changsha P.R. China

Guangyong Sun received the B.E. and Ph.D. degrees from Hunan University, Changsha, China, in 2003 and 2011, respectively. He was a percipient of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Distinguishing Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) in 2015. He is currently with the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacture for Vehicle Body, Hunan University. His research interests include sheet metal forming, engineering optimization, composite science and technology, and automotive safety. He has produced over 100 international journal papers. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_y-zhang_001 Zhang Yongbin College of Mechanical Engineering Changzhou University Changzhou P.R. China

Dr. Zhang is a professor in College of Mechanical Engineering, Changzhou University, China. He has done researches in tribology (lubrication, friction and wear) for more than 20 years, and published more than one hundred papers in this field. He has developed the flow equation for a nanoscale fluid flow and the theory of mixed rheologies elastohydrodynamic lubrication. He has also authored fourteen invention patents, a lot of which have been transferred to enterprises. Micro/Nano Flow Scopus RsearcherId
Section Editor rpmeng_ebm_Ahmed-f-sa_001 Ahmed Faheem Department of Physics King Faisal University Hofuf Saudi Arabia

Dr. Faheem received his Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from School of Advanced Materials and Engineering, Changwon National University, South Korea. Currently, Dr. Ahmed is working as Assistant Professor at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. He has published more than 130 research articles in various reputed international journals including RSC, Nature Scientific Reports journals, Acta materialia and numerous conference invited presentations and book chapters. The use of nonmaterial for the development of devices; for gas sensors, Li-ion batteries, Super capacitors, and solar cell applications are some of his significant scientific contributions which have been highly appreciated in this area, and obtained more than 5 US patents in this field.

Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Xuan _001 Zhang Xuan Department of Energy and Power Engineering School of Mechanical Engineering Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing China Multi-scale Heat Transfer and Flow Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Section Editor (Special Issues) rpmeng_ebm_Ankit_001 Sharma Ankit Chitkara University Research Innovation and Network Chitkara University Punjab India Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Editorial Board Members rpmeng_ebm_Arturovich-sh_001 Arturovich Gibadullin A. Moscow Power Engineering Institute National Research University Moscow Russia

Dr. Gibadullin Artur Arturovich is a candidate of economic sciences. His research interest includes energy, renewable energy, sustainable development and ecology. He deals with the issues of ensuring the sustainable functioning and development of the electric power complex. Currently, he is serving as an Associate Professor of the State University of Management (Moscow, Russian Federation), Associate Professor of the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (Moscow, Russian Federation). Scopus
rpmeng_ebm_ning_001 Ning Mao Institute of Industrial Science The University of Tokyo Tokyo Japan

Prof. Mao Ning is currently an Associate Professor at China University of Petroleum (East China), and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Tokyo. He obtained his PhD degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2015. His research areas focus on building thermal environments and energy saving, energy recovery of heat pump, liquid film flow and heat transfer, and micro-scale boiling flow and heat transfer. He has published 75 academic papers, including 57 peer-reviewed journal papers and 18 conference papers. His total citation reaches 1328 (Google scholar), with h-index of 22. Apart from his academic duties, he is actively involved with editorial duties at journals: Frontiers in Energy Research, Fluid dynamics and Materials Processing, American Journal of Physics and Applications Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Wang-Jun-sh_001 Wang Jun Department of Engineering Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI USA

Dr. Jun Wang, Ph.D., is a research scientist of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He works on several research projects funded by the Department of Energy about nuclear power plant designs and thermal hydraulics. Meanwhile, he is also very active in the academic community. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Olugu-sh_001 Olugu Udoncy E. Faculty of Engineering UCSI University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Dr Ezutah Udoncy Olugu is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, UCSI University Malaysia. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technology from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is chattered engineer and member Institute of Mechanical Engineers, UK. He has published several research work in reputable journals which have received numerous citations. His main research interest includes Sustainable Manufacturing, Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Industrial Ergonomics, Green Manufacturing, Operations Research, Manufacturing Process Optimization, and Tribology. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_abbasbandy-s_001 Abbasbandy Saeid Department of Mathematics Imam Khomeini International University Ghazvin Iran

Saeid Abbasbandy received his M.S. degree (1991) and Ph.D. degree (1996) in Numerical Analysis from Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran. He works as a Professor at Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran. He is an internationally recognized expert in many areas of applied mathematics, numerical analysis, fuzzy numerical analysis, fuzzy approximations, fuzzy ranking, numerical ordinary differential equations, numerical partial differential equation, and numerical integral equations. Also, he has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher in Mathematics (2014-2016). Visit for more information about him. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_meraim_001 Abed- Meraim Farid Department of Microstructure Analysis and Mechanics of Materials Arts et Metiers ParisTech Paris France

Farid Abed-Meraim received his Ph.D. degree in theoretical and applied mechanics from École Polytechnique, Paris, in 1999. From 1999 to 2000, he held a Postdoctoral position at the LMT laboratory, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. He then joined Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Metz Campus, in 2000, where he works currently as a Professor at the LEM3 laboratory. From 2006 to 2008, he worked as a CNRS full-time Research Associate at the LaMCoS laboratory of INSA, Lyon. He also was a Visiting Professor at Eindhoven Technical University (Department of Mechanical Engineering) from 2010 to 2011. His main current research interests include structural stability (bifurcation) analysis of dissipative systems (elastoplastic, viscoelastic, and viscoplastic), material instability modeling in relation to the prediction of formability of metal sheets, and multiscale approaches (micromechanics, crystal plasticity, scale-transition schemes) as well as finite element technology (solid-shell formulations). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_x-wang_002 Wang Xiaolin College of Sciences and Engineering University of Tasmania Hobart Australia

Dr. Wang is a Senior Lecturer at University of Tasmania, Australia. He has nearly 20 years of experience in Research in the field of thermodynamics and mechanical engineering. He has authored/co-authored more than 100 journal and conference papers, holds 5 patents and co-edit one Book chapter. He won the prestigious “Ludwig Mondy Prize 2005” awarded by IMechE, UK. His research interest includes cooling engineering, heat pump, energy storage and conversion, thermal power systems and adsorption engineering. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Zhihua-wang_002 Wang Zhihua Department of Built Environment and Energy Engineering School of Human Settlement and Civil Engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University Xi'an China Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_z-li_001 Li Zhixiong School of Mechatronic Engineering China University of Mining & Technology (CUMT) Xuzhou P.R. China

"Dr Zhixiong Li is an assistant Professor in School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, China. He is an associate Editor of journal of IEEE Access. He has published more than 50 journal and conference papers. His research interests include Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis, System Dynamic and Active Control, Modeling of Complex Cyber-Physical Systems, and Remain Useful Life Prognosis." Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_yeoh_001 Yeoh Heng G. School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering University of New South Wales Sydney Australia

Dr Guan Heng Yeoh is a Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at University New South Wales and a Principal Research Scientist at Australia Nuclear Science Technology Organisation. He obtained his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New South Wales. He has authored 8 books, 11 book chapters and over 250 publications. He has also obtained the Brennan Medal for best book publication, Institute of Chemical Engineers, UK, 2009; ANSTO Award: recognition for excellence in literature publication, 2009; and NASA Award: novel and innovative research work in solidification for the manufacturing of electr onic components in microgravity environment, 1992. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_xiao_001 Xiao Gang College of Energy Engineering Zhejiang University Hangzhou P.R. China

Dr. Gang Xiao is a full professor at the College of Energy Engineering of Zhejiang University. He obtained BSc from Wuhan University and PhD in Engineering Thermophysics from Zhejiang University of China. His research interests focus on concentrated solar power (CSP) and solar thermal utilization. He has published over 40 international journal papers and obtains 28 granted patents and 2 registered software. He serves as an international reviewer for the National Science Center of Poland, South Africa's National Research Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundations of China. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Jin_001 Jin Guoyong College of Power and Energy Engineering Harbin Engineering University Harbin P.R. China

Dr. G.Y. Jin is a professor at College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University. He received Ph.D. from Harbin Engineering University. His main research interests include structural vibration and acoustics, noise and vibration control, Vibrating structures (beams, plates, shells, etc.); Structure-borne noise. He has published more than 100 papers and two monographs. He is the member of International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV), and Council Member of Acoustical Society of Heilongjiang Province of China. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_rashad_001 Rashad Ahmed M. Department of Mathematics Aswan University Aswan Egypt

A.M. Rashad is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Aswan University. He received his PhD in Fluid Dynamic from South Valley University, Faculty of Science, Aswan in 2007. His primary research areas are fluid dynamics (hydrodynamics), numerical/mathematical methods, non-Newtonian fluid, nanofluids, boundary layers, cavities, heat and mass transfer, and transport in porous media. He has authored and co-authored over 100 papers in archival international journals and conferences. In addition, he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Modern Methods in Numerical Mathematics. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Minglu_001 Qu Minglu School of Environment & Architecture University of Shanghai for Science & Technology Shanghai China Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_x-wang_001 Wang Xiaofeng School of Mathematics and Physics Bohai University Jinzhou P.R. China

Dr. Xiaofeng Wang is an Associate Professor in School of Mathematics and Physics at Bohai University, China. He earned his B.S. in Jinzhou Normal College and earned his M.S. in Bohai University. He received his Ph.D. from College of Information Science and Engineering at Northeastern University, China. His research focuses on mathematical modelling, Iterative method, Nonlinear Systems. He has published more than 40 papers in this field. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_huang_001 Huang Zuohua School of Energy and Power Engineering Xian Jiaotong University Shaanxi P.R. China

Dr. Huang is professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the research and teaching in Internal Combustion Engines, Fundamental Combustion, Spray and Atomization, Chemical Kinetics etc. Dr. Huang is the Board member of International Council of Combustion Engines, Vice-president of Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines, Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Programme of China. Dr. Huang has authored more than 400 papers in the international journals and conferences. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Garcia_001 García Antonio CMT - Motores Térmicos Universitat Politècnica de València Valencia Spain

Master degree in Energy Engineering (in 2005), Master degree in Internal Combustion Engines (in2008) and PhD Mechanical Engineer (in 2009) at the Universitat Politècnica de València. During the last years, Dr. Garcia research activities have been focused on Low Temperature Combustion topics, in particular, an extensive experience on the use of high octane number fuels in compression ignition engines has lead to the publication of more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles on advanced combustion concepts. In addition, from 2008 Dr. Garcia is Associate Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València where develops his teaching responsibilities in the frame of combustion fundamentals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_diaz_001 Del Coz Diaz Juan J. Department of Construction University of Oviedo Gijon Spain

Dr. del Coz-Díaz is Full Professor at the University of Oviedo. He has 10 years of experience in industrial projects in the field of bulk handling, big structures and heavy industries. Also, he has 25 years of experience in research, focused on hybrid engineering: simulation and testing. Previously, Dr. Beyer served as Head of Engineering Projects at TSK Ltd. in Gijon, Spain. Dr. del Coz-Díaz has authored more than 120 manuscripts, 12 patents." Dr. del Coz Díaz is also Vice-Chancellor t the University of Oviedo in Spain where he teaches "Construction Engineering Plants", a class focused on design of industrial equipments. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_chamkha_001 Chamkha Ali J. Mechanical Engineering Department Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Al-Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ali J. Chamkha is Professor and Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Prince Sultan Endowed Chair for Energy and Environment at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, USA, in 1989. His research interests include multiphase fluid-particle dynamics, nanofluids dynamics, fluid flow in porous media, heat and mass transfer, magnetohydrodynamics and fluid-particle separation. He has served as an Associate Editor for many journals such as ASME Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, International Journal of Numerical Method for Heat and Fluid Flow, Journal of Nanofluids, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, International Journal for Microscale and Nanoscale Thermal and Fluid Transport Phenomena and many others. He has authored and co-authored over 500 publications in archival international journals and conferences. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_abe_001 Abe Fujio Steel Research Center National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba Japan

Fujio Abe is a Research Fellow at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan. He received his B.E. degree from Iwate University, Japan and his M.E. and D.E. degrees from Tohoku University, Japan. He has been working at National Institute for Materials Science (formerly, National Research Institute for Metals) since 1978. His main field is creep strength and microstructure of heat-resistant steels and alloys at elevated temperature. After retirement from NIMS at the end of March 2010 (60 years old), he was re-employed at the beginning of April 2010 as a Senior Scientist (Research Fellow). He is still continuing his research activities at NIMS. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_alfano_001 Alfano Marco Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering University of Waterloo Waterloo ON Canada

Marco Alfano is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo. Before his appointment he served as an Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) at Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Calabria (UNICAL), Italy, from 2012 to 2019. His Post-Doctoral studies were carried out at KAUST (Saudi Arabia) from 2010 to 2012, at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009 (Fulbright Scholar), at UNICAL from 2007 to 2008. His recent research has been mainly carried out in the broad area of adhesion science and technology, with particular emphasis on modeling and characterization of damage and fracture in adhesive bonds. He serves on the editorial board of a few international Journals, including the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology and the International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_altenhof_001 Altenhof William Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering University of Windsor Windsor ON Canada

Dr. Altenhof received his B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with the Materials Option from the University of Windsor in 1995. He continued his education and collaborated with industry to conduct research to engineer safer automotive steering wheels during his M.A.Sc. (1995-1997) and Ph.D. (1997-1999) studies. In 1999 he joined the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor in the Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering. Dr. Altenhof’s areas of research deal with material deformation, automotive crashworthiness, design for structural safety, and occupant safety. In recent years he has made significant contributions to child safety and the development of energy dissipation devices. His work, which has been supported by numerous granting agencies and industrial collaborators, have resulted in a number of journal publications, conference presentations, patents and engineered solutions to deal with practical safety related problems facing society. Dr. Altenhof is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario and he is also the editor for the International Journal of Crashworthiness and on the editorial board for the International Journal of Impact Engineering. Dr. Altenhof has also received the PEO/OSPE Young Engineer Medal for his contributions to his field. Additionally he has received the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Teetor Award for excellence in Engineering Education and he is also actively involved with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_arivuoli-d_001 Arivuoli Dakshanamoorthy Department of Physics Anna University Chennai India

Arivuoli Dakshanamoorthy is a Professor at Anna University, Chennai, India. He obtained M.Sc. in Materials Science (1983) and PhD degrees (1988) from Anna University, Chennai. He has been working at Anna University since 1989. His research areas include nanomaterials, nanomechanics, crystal growth and epitaxy. He was at IMEM-CNR, Parma, Italy (1989-90, 1991-92) as ICTP researcher, at Lancaster University (1998-99) as a Commonwealth fellow, at University of Bologna, Italy as Erasmus Mundus fellow (2011) and NIMS, Japan (2010) as a visiting fellow. He is a Fellow of RSC and published more than 140 articles in the International journals and also organised more than 20 National/International workshops. He is an Editor/EABM/reviewer for internationally reputed journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Makhlouf Abdel S.H. Department of Metal Technology Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute Cairo Egypt Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_j-hwang_001 Hwang Jenn Department of Greenergy National University of Tainan Tainan Taiwan

Dr. Jenn Jiang Hwang is currently Professor of Department of Greenergy of National University of Tainan. He served as Dean of Environmental Science and Ecology and Chair of Institute of Greenergy Technology of National University of Tainan. He also served as the President of Taiwan Association for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell. He earned his PhD degree in Power Mechanical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan). His research interests are fuel cell technology and application. He has developed the first fuel cell vehicle in Taiwan. He has received several awards such as Distinguished Engineer Award of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering and Special Talents of Ministry of Education. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_khonsari_001 Khonsari Michael M. Department of Mechanical Engineering Louisiana State University Baton Rogue, LA USA

Professor Khonsari earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. all in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Khonsari holds the Dow Chemical Endowed Chair in Rotating Machinery and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University. Prior to joining LSU, he spent a number of years as a faculty member at The Ohio State University, University of Pittsburgh, and served as the Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes at Southern Illinois University. He has also served as a research Faculty Fellow at NASA Lewis Research Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force laboratories, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Professor Khonsari is the holder of several US patents, has authored 4 technical books in tribology, fatigue, and rotor dynamics and over 300 archival papers including book chapters and special publications. He is the recipient of several research awards including the ASME Mayo Hersey Award, Burt Newkirk Award, the STLE Presidential Award, ALCOA awards for his contributions to tribology. He is the Editor-In-Chief for ASME Journal of Tribology and serves on the Editorial Board of STLE Tribology Transactions, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Journal of Engineering Tribology, Tribology International, Advances in Tribology, Acta Tribologica, and Patents on Mechanical Engineering, Lubricants, and Entropy. Professor Khonsari is a fellow of ASME, STLE, and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Scopus RsearcherId
Lamikiz Aitzol L. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of the Basque Country Bilbao Spain Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_lo_001 Lo Kin H. Faculty of Science and Technology The University of Macau Macau P.R. China

Dr. Kin Ho LO is an associate professor at the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, the University of Macau. His main research interests are in mechanical and corrosion properties of metallic materials, laser materials processing, cavitation erosion, and engineering failure analysis. He has authored about 40 scholarly manuscripts and a monograph on stainless steels, with a total citation over 800 in Google Scholars. Dr. LO holds a Ph.D and an M.Sc in materials science from City University of Hong Kong and the University of Manchester, respectively. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_miguel_001 Miguel Antonio F. Department of Physics University of Evora Evora Portugal

Dr. Miguel's research covers a wide range of topics in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and porous media. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Wageningen University (Netherlands). He has authored, co-authored and edited several books, edited several special issues of international journal, and contributed to several books. Notably, Dr. Miguel has authored more than 70 refereed journal papers and more than 60 refereed conference papers. Dr. Miguel is Associate Professor at the University of Évora, and member of the Institute of Earth Sciences (Portugal). In 2013, he was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_nobile_001 Nobile Lucio Department DICAM University of Bologna-Campus of Cesena Cesena Italy

Prof. Eng. Lucio Nobile graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Naples with magna cum laude. Since 2002, he is Full Professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna, Italy. Since 1993 he has been holding classes related to the field of Mechanics of Materials and Mechanics of Structures. Prof. Eng. Lucio Nobile is author of 130 papers published in national and international conference proceedings, books, and international journals. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_dewan_001 Nuruzzaman Dewan M. Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering University Malaysia Pahang Pekan Malaysia

Dr. Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Saga University, Japan. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and research in different areas of mechanical engineering. His research interests include advanced materials, polymer and composites, engineering tribology, coating technology, advanced design of machinery, fluid film lubrication and elastohydrodynamic lubrication. He has published more than 90 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He is an editorial board member and reviewer for many international journals. Scopus RsearcherId
Pei Zhijian Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Texas A&M University College Station, TX USA Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Rahman Md Ashiqur Department of Mechanical Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology Dhaka Bangladesh Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_rashidi_001 Rashidi Mohammad M. Mechanical Engineering Department Tongji University Shanghai P.R. China

M.M. Rashidi is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tongji University (Shanghai). He has published over 300 journal papers and 45 conference papers. His RG Score in Researchgate Website = 54.32, He is the editor of Fifty (55) International Journals. He has 2721 citations in Scopus (h-index=34) and 4611 citations in google scholar (h-index=41). International Rankings (, Wind Tunnel: 1st , Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): 2nd, Multiphase Flows: 7th, Heat and Mass Transfer: 14th. ResearcherID: P-2692-2014, Scopus Author ID: 56205504900, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6309-8688, Publons ID: 336837;, Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Saidur Rahman Department of Mechanical Engineering Sunway University Selangor Malaysia Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_sirivat_001 Sirivat Anuvat Conductive and Electroactive Polymers Research Unit Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand

Dr. Anuvat Sirivat is a Professor in Polymer Science at the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. He received B.S., M.E., and Ph.D degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and Post Doctoral Fellowships from Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Anuvat Sirivat published more than 180 international refereed journals. He is interested in conductive and electroactive polymers; rheology, stability, transition, turbulence of complex fluids; and light scattering. Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_su_001 Su Chun-Yi Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Concordia University Quebec Canada

Dr. Chun-Yi Su is a Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Concordia University and holds the Concordia University Research Chair in Control. He received his Ph.D. degree in control engineering from South China University of Technology in 1990. His research covers control theory and its applications to various mechanical systems. Dr. Su has authored or coauthored over 250 journal publications. He has been on the Editorial Board of a few journals, including IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. He has also served for many conferences as an organizing committee member. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_sun_001 Sun Yufeng Department of Materials Science and Engineering Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou P.R. China

Dr. Sun is an associate professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Zhengzhou University. He received his Ph.D in materials processing from university of science and technology Beijing in 2002. His main research interests include friction stir welding, bulk metallic glasses and their composites, ultrafine grained materials. He has authored more than 80 journal papers, with a total citation over 800 times in Web of Science. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_taler-j_001 Taler Jan Department of Thermal Power Engineering Cracow University of Technology Cracow Poland

Jan Taler is a Professor at the Cracow University of Technology. His primary fields of activity are mechanical and thermal engineering including power plant technology. He is the author or co-author of 353 journal and conference papers, 12 books, and 25 chapters. He has many implementations at power plants. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Trp Anica Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka Rijeka Croatia Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Vafai Kambiz Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California California, CA USA Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_vairo_001 Vairo Giuseppe Department of Civil Engineering & Computer Science (DICII) University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Rome Italy

Giuseppe Vairo is Professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy), where he achieved the PhD in Structural Engineering on 2002 and the Master Degree (summa com laude) in Mechanical Engineering on 1998. He was Visiting Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne Universités, Paris) on 2016 in the framework of the PACHA Program (Programme d’Accueil de Chercheurs de HAut niveau). Main research topics: structural modelling, computational mechanics, fluid-structure interaction and aeroelasticity, long-span bridges, composite materials, nanoporous materials, plasticity, tensegrity structures, biomechanics. Author of more than 150 publications (more than 70 peer-reviewed), many lectures in international and national congresses, 2 European Patents. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_jcwang_001 Wang Jung-Chang Department of Marine Engineering, College of Maritime Science and Management National Taiwan Ocean University Keelung Taiwan

Jung-Chang Wang (J.-C. Wang) is a full Professor in the School of Marine Engineering (M.E.), National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Keelung, Taiwan, and is also the Director of the Thermal-Fluid Illumination Laboratory. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees from NCKU and Mechanical PhD from NTU in Taiwan in 2007. He has published more than 100 research papers in international journals, conferences and patents, and edited five book chapters. His main research interest includes Green Energy, Thermal Module, Thermo-Electric NanoFluids, CFD Numerical Method and LED Lighting in thermal-fluid science. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Wang Weizhe School of Mechanical Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai P.R. China Scopus RsearcherId Wang Yunfeng Solar Energy Research Institute Yunnan Normal University Kunming China Orcid Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_zhong_001 Zhong Zhao W. School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Nanyang Technological University Nanyang Singapore

Dr. ZhaoWei Zhong (Z.W. Zhong) has over 20 years research and development experience in Japan and Singapore. He teaches Ultraprecision & Micromachining Processes, Advanced Metrology and Sensing Systems, and Theory of Mechanisms in the School of MAE, NTU, Singapore. He has published over 460 journal and conference papers, books and book chapters. His Hirsch Index in Oct 2016 was 32 (SCI) or 33 (Scopus) with total citations over 3500 (SCI) and 3700 (Scopus). His research interests include mechatronics and design for advanced manufacturing, AI, optimization, advanced industrial informatics, data mining for decision making, modelling and analyses, UAVs, automation and control, FEA, air traffic management, etc. A number of journal and conference papers authored or co-authored by him received best paper awards. He has served the Editorial Boards for several international journals, conducted short courses/workshops, and served dozens of international conferences as conference chairs, international program committees, or keynote speakers in various countries. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Associate Editorial Board Members rpmeng_ebm_Nematollahi-sh_001 Nematollahi Omid Department of Mechanical Engineering Isfahan University of Technology Isfahan Iran

Currently, I am a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. I earned my Ph.D. from Pusan National University, Busan, Republic of Korea. During, my Ph.D. I have focused on the dense gas dynamic with a focus on the organic Rankine Cycles (ORC). My research interest includes dense gases, real-gas effects, waste heat recovery, renewable energies, and optical measurements which I have published more than 30 SCI/SCIE journal papers. I serve as a reviewer for more than 25 journals until now. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_delouei-a-ah_001 Delouei Amin A. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bojnord Bojnord Iran

Dr. Amin Amiri Delouei works in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bojnord, Iran. His research interests are Heat transfer, Ultrasonic vibration, Nanofluid, Composite and functionally graded materials (FGM). He is also interested in the computational analysis by Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) and Immersed Boundary Method (IBM). Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_perumal-da_001 Perumal Arumuga D. Department of Mechanical Engineering National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal India

Dr. Arumuga Perumal is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore, India. He previously worked as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor at Thermal & Automotive Division, School of Mechanical & Building Sciences, VIT University, Vellore, Professor at Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Noorul Islam University, Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu. He also worked as Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, VV College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai, Tamilnadu. He is a reviewer for many international journals and conferences in the area of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer and has about Ninety (90) research papers to his credit. His current research interests are predominantly focused on the simulation of flows using lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and microfluidics. Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
rpmeng_ebm_Qian-da_001 Qian Yuqiang (Tim) Henkel Corporation Chanhassen, MN United States Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
Executive Guest Editor(s) LeMoyne Robert Department of Biological Sciences Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ USA Orcid Scopus RsearcherId Mariadhas Anish Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology Chennai India

Prof. Anish Mariadhas works as an assistant professor at the Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, India. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in 2019. He has over 11 years of teaching and research experience in manufacturing, materials, and mechanical engineering, with a focus on nanofluids and heat transfer. He also has an interest in management, engineering education, and sustainable higher education. He has mentored a significant number of Masters' and Ph.D. students. Besides, he has directed and participated in various supported research initiatives. He has won several scientific distinctions and prizes. He is the editor-in-chief of multiple international journals, as well as guest editor of journals, a book editor, a book series editor, and a scientific advisor for a number of international journals and conferences. He serves on the editorial boards of worldwide publications and serves as a reviewer for numerous major Web of Science journals. Furthermore, he has a number of publications to his credit.

Scopus RsearcherId
Sodhi Rajpal S. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark NJ United States Scopus RsearcherId rpmeng_ebm_Thanigaivelan_001 Thanigaivelan R. Department of Mechanical Engineering Muthayammal Engineering College Rasipuram India Orcid Scopus RsearcherId
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