Frontiers in HIV Research

Volume: 2

Recent Researches on HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Ghobad Moradi and Soda Neamatzade

Pp: 325-333 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681082554116020027

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Despite the publication of many papers on the HIV/AIDS field, the central topics and subjects of research is not clearly determined yet. Therefore, in this chapter we aimed to present the information that may be guide researchers in the field of HIV/AIDS. In order to find the most common studied topics we searched for the related keywords in PubMed and Science-direct. This chapter presents the results of a review of all articles that were published in these databases.

Moreover, we selected the top three journals and studied their most recent issues. All articles published in these journals were classified in view of their subjects, so that to identify and determine the current important topics in the field of HIV/AIDS all over the world; additionally, we tried to list about two percent of all articles which contained HIV/AIDS as their keywords and have been published in PubMed so far. Overall, 4.2% of all articles which were published in Science-direct-indexed journals contained HIV/AIDS as keywords in their titles. The most common and important studied topics include the followings: epidemiology and social topics, cure and antiretroviral therapy, co-morbidity in HIV/AIDS, virology and serology, and HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS is still the most frequent topic of research. Most of the reviewed studies were carried out in this field; however, as we found HIV/AIDS treatment planning was also among the most important studied topics. In addition, according to our findings, clinical trials have been increasingly utilized as a research method in the last 10 years.

Keywords: AIDS, Research, Database, HIV, PubMed.

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