The Medical Lives of History`s Famous People

Tuberculosis: The Cause of the Early Death of John Keats

Author(s): William James Maloney

Pp: 127-130 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059362114010023

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John Keats was an English Romantic poet born in the late 1700ʼs. Among his better known works are ʻOde on a Grecian Urnʼ and ʻOde to a Nightingaleʼ. Keats suffered a series of hemorrhages in 1820 and died at the age of 25 from tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a potentially fatal disease caused by a bacterium known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It usually attacks the lungs but can also affect other parts of the body such as the brain, kidneys, and spine.

Keywords: Brain, chills, coughing, droplets, Enfield Academy, fatigue, fever, Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, night sweats, spinal column, tuberculosis, weight loss.

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