Nanoelectronics Devices: Design, Materials, and Applications Part II

Nanotechnology in Smart Nano Power Grid

Author(s): Sumithira T.R.* and Ramesh Kumar

Pp: 26-51 (26)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815179361123010004

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 Smart small-scale power system accommodates Microgrid (MG) and Nanogrid (NG) with a cluster of multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DER), energy storage facilities, adjustable smart demand capabilities, and protecting and monitoring devices. The advancements in nanotechnology attracted the inculcation of nanomaterial science to resolve equipment-related issues in electrical power systems. The realization of nanotechnology to mitigate the variety of issues in the major entities of small-scale distribution systems leads to the evolution of the smart grid. From the smart grid perspective, the nanotechnology application acts as a disruptive technology in the improvement of renewable energy harvesting, storage devices, transformers, meters, insulators, capacitors, sensors, automation and communication. It provides an appropriate innovative solution for adequate and reliable electrification in MG and NG topology. In this article, the applications of nanotechnology in major equipment of small-scale distribution power systems and the possible innovation of MG and NG are discussed to inculcate a smarter electrical power system. The impact of nanotechnology applications has revitalized the Smart Power Grid in a modest way to provide an excellent opportunity for power autonomy.

Keywords: Capacitors, Insulators, Nanotechnology, Microgrid, Meters, Nano grid, Storage devices, Smart grid, Sensors, Transformers.

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