Frontiers In Medicinal Chemistry

Aloe Vera-A Medicinal Plant as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Liver Cancer

Author(s): Lovely Sinha*, Ghanshyam Kumar Satyapal and Shailendra Kumar

Pp: 281-289 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165043123100014

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Liver cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Research over the last two decades has revealed that medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of various neoplastic diseases. Aloe vera is a ubiquitously naturally occurring and drought-resisting herbal medicinal plant. Some reports suggest that Aloe vera possesses wound and burn healing activities and anti-inflammatory as well as immunomodulatory effects. There are no direct studies available on the role of the Aloe vera extract and its active ingredient like aloe-emodin that modulates antiaging and anticancer activities, particularly on immune cells as well as liver cancer cells. Aloe vera has many bioactive compounds and pharmacological properties that may show an important role in liver cancer prevention and treatment through the enhancement of regeneration, antiaging activity, antioxidant activity, anticancer activity and modulation of genetic pathways. Here, we discuss the study of the anticancer effect and modulation of expression of various genes in response to Aloe vera in liver cancer. 

Keywords: Aloe-vera, Anti-cancer, Anti-aging, Liver cancer.

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