A Critical Understanding of Artificial Intelligence: A Phenomenological Foundation

Communicative Competence: The Transcendental And Understanding

Author(s): Algis Mickunas and Joseph Pilotta

Pp: 35-54 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123401123010005

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This chapter follows up on the central role of understanding in terms of the need to understand methodologically and in practical life in order to achieve AI with concrete limits. We cast this within the framework of communicative competence, which requires both understanding as well as the reciprocal relationship of the part–whole. Communicative competence sets out a criterion for our investigation and identifies a key human experience—“How did we get into this situation?” —which requires understanding, distancing from the situation, surveying the situation historically, and trying to anticipate where we go next. This critical understanding and/or critical reflexivity is needed, which is thoroughly phenomenological. 

Keywords: Communicative Competence, Genesis, Hermeneutics, Logic, Meaning, Phenomenology, Synchrony, Transcendental, Understanding.

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