Solar Thermal Systems: Thermal Analysis and its Application

Applications and Development of Solar Systems in Buildings

Author(s): Rishika Shah*, R.K. Pandit and M.K. Gaur

Pp: 345-362 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050950122010017

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Many harmful effects on the environment can be observed over the past decades due to the extensive usage of non-renewable energy. Most discussed and harmful are the ever-changing global climate change scenarios and their aftermath. As a point of fact, a major part of the world’s energy consumption is dependent on non-renewable energy sources, such as petroleum, oil, coal, and gas. Unquestionably, these fossil fuels contribute a great deal to greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, methane, etc., which further leads to global health issues, global warming, and climate change. With the emergence of sustainable development as a holistic concept since the late 1980s, the issue of global warming has been given prominent attention. It is evident that failure to curb global warming has led to slower progress in achieving sustainable development. About 30% of energy demand is from the built environment sector, which is also responsible for contributing 28% of carbon emissions and continues to add an estimated 1% every year, according to reports by UN Environment [1]. Therefore, the fossil fuel-based energy systems are antagonistic with the goals of sustainable development agendas. Hence, using renewable sources in harnessing clean energy for the built environment has not remained a choice but a fundamental need. Solar energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources that provide solutions to climate change and global warming. Often termed as the alternative energy source against oil and coal-based energy sources, solar energy has the potential for abundant availability and is an economical way with a lower ecological and environmental footprint, leading to a better quality of life. Thus, there is a massive amount of global interest in harnessing solar energy for its application and development in building systems.

Keywords: Application, Buildings, Development, Solar systems, Solar in buildings.

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