Recent Advances in Biotechnology

Volume: 5

Reproductive Cloning

Author(s): Eman A. Hussien, Sara A. Mekkawy, Elham K. Eltahawy, Islam M. Saadeldin and Mohamed M. Omran *

Pp: 218-253 (36)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815051667122050012

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Hearing the name “Dolly” was and still stirs the minds of professionals and non-specialists towards the term “cloning”, but the way of producing dolly is not the only aspect of cloning. Cloning is defined as the techniques through which identical or virtually identical individuals can be produced. Based on this definition, in this chapter, we are trying to clarify the different applications, aspects, and techniques of cloning such as gene cloning, therapeutic cloning, but to focus on reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning is the method of making a genetically similar clone of a whole organism. Then it is needed to be discussed with all the scientific thoughts around it, advantages, disadvantages, legal or illegal, and comparing it to other aspects and this is our aim in this chapter. 

Keywords: Cloning, Embryo splitting, Reproductive cloning, Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, Tetraploid complementation.

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