Recent Advances in IoT and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Based Hybrid Framework for Identity Management in Healthcare

Author(s): Deepak Kumar Sharma*, Arjun Khera, Koyel Datta Gupta and Rinky Dwivedi

Pp: 44-60 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815051605122040004

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Healthcare systems face numerous impediments due to the unavailability of proper mechanisms to track the transactions related to patient’s medical records. The maintenance and privacy of patient records are one of the key requirements of the healthcare system. Blockchain can be the potential solution to these problems. Blockchains have made a tremendous impact ever since their invention barely a decade ago. This paper delves into how blockchain can be used to solve the problem of patient record management by constructing scalable decentralised key systems with inbuilt sharing of credentials in a safe, secure, and digitally verifiable way. The work presents a hybrid scalable system capable of managing personal identity in a decentralized manner with no dependence on central authorities along with a rapid and simplistic way of exchanging claims among the users. The system overcomes potentially all problems associated with SOVRIN and blockchains in general by splitting itself into two symbiotic versions, one centralised and the other, decentralised. 

Keywords: Blockchain, Healthcare, Identity management, Decentralized applications, IoT.

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