Advanced Pharmaceutical and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Part I

Aquasome: A Promising Novel Drug Carrier

Author(s): Subhashis Debnath*, Atanu Bhattacharjee and Pranabesh Sikdar

Pp: 181-195 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036510122010011

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 Aquasomes are ceramic nanoparticulate drug delivery systems, and they are utilised for the delivery of antibiotics, hormones, peptides, genes, and proteins. Structurally, aquasomes are self-assembled, consisting of three layers, where the solid core is coated with an oligomeric film. Bioactive molecules or therapeutic agents are adsorbed at the oligomeric film. The structural stability of this nanocarrier is provided by the centre core, whereas the oligomeric film provides protection against dehydration and stabilizes the active biological molecules. Active biochemical molecules with or without modification are incorporated at the oligomeric film by diffusion, adsorption, or copolymerization. It has been established that drug candidates have shown better biological activity and immune response when they are delivered through aquasomes. Insulin, poorly water-insoluble drugs, enzymes, and haemoglobin have been delivered through aquasomes successfully. Therefore, aquasomes provide a new approach to delivering a wide range of therapeutics such as vaccines, proteins, and peptides.

Keywords: Aquasomes, Drug delivery, Nanoparticles, Peptides, Proteins.

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