Advanced Techniques of Analytical Chemistry

Oxygen Flask Combustion Method

Author(s): Kamya Goyal*, Navdeep Singh, Shammy Jindal, Rajwinder Kaur, Anju Goyal and Rajendra Awasthi

Pp: 113-119 (7)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050233122010012

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This method was invented by Wolfgang Schoniger in 1955 and it is useful
technique utilized for the estimation and identification of some combusting organic
compounds of sulfur or halogen in medicine. These compounds include chlorine,
bromine, fluorine, sulfur, etc. This technique was also named as Schoniger oxygenflask
technique, and it has been modified to tracing, and analyzing the compounds. The
compounds which are organic and some other polymers all these are experimented by
this technique in microgram amount.
A 500 ml conical flask of heavy wall was used in this method. The test solution was
prepared in two different ways for solid as well as liquid samples. For solid samples the
required quantity of selected sample in a specific amount at the center part of filter
paper were used. For liquid samples appropriate quantity of absorbent cotton along
with filter paper of size (50 mm-length/5 mm-width) was used. The procedure of the
determination of chlorine, and bromine, Iodine, Fluorine, and Sulfur were discussed.
The chlorine and bromine test was experimented with the help of blank solution in a
same quantity to make necessary correction. The Iodine test was experimented with the
help of blank solution in a same quantity to make necessary correction. Fluorine test
was performed with the required prepared solutions under ultraviolet visible
spectrophotometry. Lastly, the sulfur test was performed with required quantity of
blank solution in a same manner. This method covers the introduction part along with
method of sample preparation, and the important applications of oxygen flask method
were studied.

Keywords: Applications, Halogen, Method of combustion, Oxygen flask combustion method, Platinum gauge, Preparation of test solution, Procedure, Schoniger oxygen-flask technique, Solid sample, Wolfgang Schoniger.

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