The Vertebrate Pigmentary System: From Pigment Cells to Disorders

Natural Product Based Treatment for Hypopigmentation

Author(s): Sharique A. Ali and Naima Parveen

Pp: 85-101 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811491580121010008

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Color of the human skin is primarily due to the presence of pigment melanin, which is produced by the specialized cells called melanocytes. Normal pigmentation is dependent on the normal structure and function of these cells. Irregular lightening of skin lead to hypopigmentary disorder of the skin in which cutaneous and ocular melanocytes are destroyed resulting in loss of pigmentation. Hypopigmentary disorders remained one of the enigmatic issues since the early days of human civilization. Several conventional treatment modalities are available for hypopigmentary disorders; however unsatisfactory results and the indefinite possibility of relapse generally make patients dissatisfied with the treatment. Consequently, the treatment with botanical extracts has better results with less or few side effects. Till date, various plants and their constituents have been tested for their repigmentation activity and results are highly acceptable. In the present chapter, we have emphasized the use of plants and their constituents for the treatment of skin hypopigmentation. Various studies in support of the plant based treatments have also been discussed.

Keywords: Conventional treatment, Disorders, Hypopigmentation, Melanin, Repigmentation.

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