Marine Ecology: Current and Future Developments

Volume: 1

Marine Microbial Mettle for Heavy Metal Bioremediation: A Perception

Author(s): Haresh Z. Panseriya, Haren B. Gosai, Bhumi K. Sachaniya, Anjana K. Vala and Bharti P. Dave

Pp: 409-434 (26)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811412691119010021

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Marine environment gets polluted due to a range of contaminants including heavy metals. Various physicochemical methods available conventionally for heavy metal remediation suffer from one or the other limitation. Bioremediation is an encouraging solution to heavy metal pollution. Microbes are endowed with diverse potentials to combat heavy metal stress. In this chapter, major sources and effects of heavy metals, factors influencing heavy metal bioremediation, the microbial mechanism for heavy metal detoxification and transformation and involvement of marine microorganisms in heavy metal bioremediation have been discussed.

Keywords: Heavy Metal Pollution, Bioremediation, Marine Environment.

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