Local Anesthesia and Extractions for Dental Students: Simple Notes and Guidelines

The Outline of the Trigeminal Nerve Anatomy

Author(s): Esam Ahmad Z Omar

Pp: 1-24 (24)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086330118010003

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The primary sensory nerve of the Oro-facial area is the trigeminal nerve. Understanding the anatomy of this nerve is essential for the dental practitioner to understand the pain mechanism and dental pain pathway. Most of the anatomy books discuss the details of the anatomical relation of Trigeminal nerve instead of an understanding of neural fibers carry by the nerve. This chapter discusses the anatomy, the neural fibers of each branch and the neural connection (nuclei) of the nerve.

Keywords: Anatomy, Central Bathway, Mandibular Nerve, Maxillary Nerve, Nuclie of trigeminal nerve, Ophthalamic Nerve, Sympathatic and Parasympathetic of trigeminal nerve, Trigeminal nerve.

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