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Therapeutic Potential and Pharmacological Activities of Bioflavonoid ‘Ochnaflavone’ in Medicine: Diverse Scaffolds and Promise Leads for Drug Discovery

Author(s): Kanika Patel and Dinesh Kumar Patel*

Volume 22, Issue 4, 2024

Published on: 12 March, 2024

Article ID: e120324227909 Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/0122113525284912240221115753

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Background: Biflavonoids are natural phytocompounds that received enormous attention in various remedies due to their diverse biological activities. Biflavonoids have antiinflammatory, anti-leishmanial, anti-plasmodial, anti-viral and β-secretase inhibitory activity in medicine. Ochnaflavone is a biflavone class natural phytochemical isolated from plants belonging to the Ochnaceae family.

Methods: Scientific information on ochnaflavone was collected and analyzed in the present investigation to investigate the biological activities of ochnaflavone. The present paper describes the pharmacological activities and bioanalytical aspects of ochnaflavone based on the available scientific research on ochnaflavone in research work, books and other literature databases. Scientific data on ochnaflavone were collected from various scientific databases (Google, Science Direct, Scopus and PubMed) in this paper in order to investigate the health-beneficial potential of ochnaflavone in medicine. Further, the pharmacological activity of ochnaflavone was also collected in a detailed manner and discussed here in order to know the health-beneficial aspects of ochnaflavone.

Results: The therapeutic importance of ochnaflavone has been summarized in the present paper through available literature data on ochnaflavone in the scientific fields. Ochnaflavone was found to be an active phytochemical of Campylospermum excavatum, Cespedesia spathulata, Godoya antioquiensis, Lonicera japonica, Lonicerae Japonicae, Ochna afzelii, Ochna beddomei, Ochna beddomi, Ochna integerrima, Ochna kibbiensis, Ochna pretoriensis, Ochna squarrosa Linn., Selaginella trichoclada and Triclisia gilletii. Scientific data revealed the biological importance of ochnaflavone for its effectiveness on inflammation, SARS-CoV-2, fungal arthritis, enzymes, mutagenic effect, lymphocyte proliferation, and inhibition of arachidonate release. However, its antimycobacterial activity, cytotoxic effect, anti-HIV-1 activity, and antioxidant potential were also presented in this work. Further, analytical data on ochnaflavone has also been described.

Conclusion: The present paper describes the therapeutic role of ochnaflavone in human disorders with their analytical aspects.

Keywords: Ochnaflavone, medicine, inflammation, SARS-CoV-2, fungal arthritis, enzymes, mutagenic, lymphocyte proliferation, arachidonate, antimycobacterial, cytotoxic, Anti HIV-1.

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