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Review Article

The Interplay of Comorbidities in Chronic Heart Failure: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Shashipriya Agress, Jannat S. Sheikh, Aida A. Perez Ramos, Durlav Kashyap, Soha Razmjouei, Joy Kumar, Mankaranvir Singh, Muhammad Ali Lak, Ali Osman and Muhammad Zia ul Haq*

Volume 20, Issue 3, 2024

Published on: 09 February, 2024

Article ID: e090224226837 Pages: 17

DOI: 10.2174/011573403X289572240206112303

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Background: Chronic heart failure (HF) is frequently associated with various comorbidities. These comorbid conditions, such as anemia, diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, and sleep apnea, can significantly impact the prognosis of patients with HF.

Objective: This review aims to synthesize current evidence on the prevalence, impact, and management of comorbidities in patients with chronic HF.

Methods: A comprehensive review was conducted, with a rigorous selection process. Out of an initial pool of 59,030 articles identified across various research modalities, 134 articles were chosen for inclusion. The selection spanned various research methods, from randomized controlled trials to observational studies.

Results: Comorbidities are highly prevalent in patients with HF and contribute to increased hospitalization rates and mortality. Despite advances in therapies for HF with reduced ejection fraction, options for treating HF with preserved ejection fraction remain sparse. Existing treatment protocols often lack standardization, reflecting a limited understanding of the intricate relationships between HF and associated comorbidities.

Conclusion: There is a pressing need for a multidisciplinary, tailored approach to manage HF and its intricate comorbidities. This review underscores the importance of ongoing research efforts to devise targeted treatment strategies for HF patients with various comorbid conditions.

Keywords: Chronic heart failure, comorbidity management, multidisciplinary approach, reduced ejection fraction, preserved ejection fraction, treatment standardization.

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