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Non-invasive Biodiversified Sensors: A Modernized Screening Technology for Cancer

Author(s): Anjali Takke and Pravin Shende*

Volume 25, Issue 38, 2019

Page: [4108 - 4120] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666191022162232

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Background: Biological sensors revolutionize the method of diagnoses of diseases from early to final stages using the biomarkers present in the body. Biosensors are advantageous due to the involvement of minimal sample collection with improved specificity and sensitivity for the detection of biomarkers.

Methods: Conventional biopsies restrict problems like patient non-compliance, cross-infection and high cost and to overcome these issues biological samples like saliva, sweat, urine, tears and sputum progress into clinical and diagnostic research for the development of non-invasive biosensors. This article covers various non-invasive measurements of biological samples, optical-based, mass-based, wearable and smartphone-based biosensors for the detection of cancer.

Results: The demand for non-invasive, rapid and economic analysis techniques escalated due to the modernization of the introduction of self-diagnostics and miniature forms of devices. Biosensors have high sensitivity and specificity for whole cells, microorganisms, enzymes, antibodies, and genetic materials.

Conclusion: Biosensors provide a reliable early diagnosis of cancer, which results in faster therapeutic outcomes with in-depth fundamental understanding of the disease progression.

Keywords: Biosensor, non-invasive, urine, sweat, wearable, cancer, detection.

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