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Making Chemistry Education More Engaging with Computers PRESS RELEASE DATE : 31-March-2020

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has been the main reason behind several temporary school closures around the world. This has made the idea of continuing to pursue educational activities during this time, a challenging proposition. The current lockdowns, implemented differently in different countries, have forced schoolteachers, who wish to complete their current teaching periods, to transition immediately to the online classroom. Many schools have already started online classes in the wake of the crisis caused by the global COVID-19 crises. Accessing and managing online teaching resources can be a bit difficult for educators or pupils accustomed to a conventional classroom.

A couple of our authors reached out to us and asked if Bentham Science had a solution for their book, Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum - which is a great resource for school and college students and teachers interested in using computers to illustrate fundamental concepts in chemistry. And we have responded. Starting today, up to June 30, Bentham Science Publishers is making the e-book, free to download. This means that high school teachers and students anywhere in the world can access the content and benefit from the projects presented in the book.

Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum, authored by Thomas Manning and Aurora Grumatges, presents 24 chapters; each giving information about activities employing applications such as MS excel (spreadsheets) and Spartan (computational modeling). Each project is explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The content within this book is suitable as a guide for both teachers and students and each chapter is supplemented with practice guidelines and exercises. The book contents can be accessed here:

We hope that students around the world can benefit from the interesting and informative variety of projects presented in the book, while also allowing educators working in schools, to continue their teaching activities throughout the academic year amidst the current pandemic crisis. Stay safe, and happy chemistry learning.

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