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Increased Open Access publication in up to 3 volumes of new Bentham Science subscription journals PRESS RELEASE DATE : 01-October-2014

In order to facilitate collaboration among researchers, and the dissemination of their scientific research worldwide, Bentham Science Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of a limited number* of Open Access articles in new subscription-based journals at no charge to authors.

*30% of all articles in each issue will be deemed Open Access upon the sole discretion of the journal’s Editor-in-Chief.

The following journals and their volumes are included in this initiative:

S. No.JournalVolumesYears
1.Current Biochemical Engineering1, 2 and 32014-16
2.Current Environmental Engineering1, 2 and 32014-16
3.Clinical Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Drugs1, 2 and 32014-16
4.Clinical Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Drugs1, 2 and 32014-16
5.Clinical CNS Drugs1, 2 and 32014-16
6.Clinical Cancer Drugs1, 2 and 32014-16
7.Current Green Chemistry1, 2 and 32014-16
8.Current Microwave Chemistry1, 2 and 32014-16
9.Current Organocatalysis1, 2 and 32014-16
10.Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship1, 2 and 32014-16
11.Applied Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs1, 2 and 32014-16
12.Current Chromatography1, 2 and 32014-16
13.Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology2 and 32014-15
14.Current Metabolomics2 and 32014-15
15.Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering:2 and 32014-15
16.Current Biotechnology32014
17.Current Catalysis32014
18.Current Molecular Imaging32014
19.Current Psychopharmacology32014
20.Recent Patents on Catalysis32014
21.Current Angiogenesis32014
23.Current Tissue Engineering32014
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