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Current Immunology Reviews

Volume 16, 2 Issues, 2020
ISSN: 1875-631X (Online)
ISSN: 1573-3955 (Print)
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Aims & Scope

Current Immunology Reviews publishes frontier reviews/ mini-reviews, drug clinical trial studies and guest edited thematic issues written by leaders in the field covering a range of current topics on all the latest advances in clinical immunology. The journal's aim is to publish the highest quality review articles dedicated to clinical research in the field. The journal is essential reading for all researchers and clinicians in clinical immunology.

Current Immunology Reviews


Volume 15


Number 2

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Articles Ahead of Print

Immunomodulation in Multiple Sclerosis by Phytotherapy

Maryam Bahrami, Ghasem Mosayebi, Ali Ghazavi and Ali Ganji*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395516999200930122850
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COVID-19: Update on Pathogenesis and Treatment Strategies

Rakesh Kumar Chauhan, Pramod Kumar Sharma and Shikha Srivastava*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395516999201001154837
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Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Human Immunodeficiency Viruses in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients, Southern Iran

Nahid Tavakoli Movaghar, Saber Mojarrad, Hadi Raeisi Shahraki, Mohammadreza Nazari, Mahtab Hadadi and Mohammad Motamedifar*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395516999200819164045
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Published Contents

Editor's Choice

Natural Killer Cells: Prospects in Cancer Immunotherapy

, 2018; 14(2): 100 - 104

Bianca Dorana de Oliveira Souza, Brenda Francisconi Diaz, Gabriela Salvador Guidugli, Laura Socio Ferraz, Marla Karine Amarante*, Sérgio Paulo Dejato Rocha, Poliana Camila Marinello, Milena Menegazzo Miranda Sapla, Francisco José de Abreu de Oliveira and Maria Angelica Ehara Watanabe

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180904125809

Regulation of the Unfolded Protein Response in Disease: Cellular Stress and microRNAs

, 2018; 14(1): 3 - 14

Samuel Lara-Reyna, Thomas Scambler, Jonathan Holbrook, Heledd H. Jarosz-Griffiths, Daniel Peckham and Michael F. McDermott*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180309161144

Crosstalk Between Histamine and T Cells in Allergic Diseases

, 2016; 12(1): 10 - 13

Mayumi Saeki, Tomoe Nishimura, Osamu Kaminuma, Hiroshi Ohtsu, Akio Mori and Takachika Hiroi

DOI: 10.2174/1573395511666150706180936

Open Access Articles

Recent Advances in Metabolites from Medicinal Plants in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

, 2019; 15(2): 185 - 201

Manzoor A. Mir*, Syed S. Hamdani, Bashir A. Sheikh and Umar Mehraj

Virologic Aspects of Mucosal Transmission

, 2019; 15(1): 14 - 27

Zachary Ende, Martin J. Deymier and Eric Hunter*

Developments Towards a Prophylactic Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine

, 2016; 12(2): 83 - 97

Brian P. Latimer, Ebony Gary and Michele A. Kutzler

Inflammatory Cyclooxygenase Activity and PGE2 Signaling in Models of Alzheimer’s Disease

, 2015; 11(2): 125 - 131

Jenny U. Johansson, Nathaniel S. Woodling, Ju Shi and Katrin I. Andreasson

Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Allergic Disease

, 2013; 9(4): 214 - 221

Sean Lund, Hannah H. Walford and Taylor A. Doherty

CD8+ T Cell Responses to Plasmodium and Intracellular Parasites

, 2013; 9(3): 169 - 178

Nicolas Villarino and Nathan W. Schmidt

Possible Mechanisms of Lymphoma Development in Sjogren’s Syndrome

, 2013; 9(1): 13 - 22

Lingli Dong, Yu Chen, Yasufumi Masaki, Toshiro Okazaki and Hisanori Umehara

Most Cited Articles

Review Article

HIV-1/SIV humoral responses in external secretions

, 2019; 15(1): 49-62.

Jiri Mestecky* and Georgia D. Tomaras

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180528081557

Review Article

Barriers of mucosal entry of HIV/SIV

, 2019; 15(1): 4-13.

Ann M. Carias* and Thomas J. Hope

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180604084404

Research Article

Interleukin-6 and malondialdehyde in women with preterm birth

, 2019; 15(2): 207-212.

Vinita Verma, Hina Oza, Riddhi Thaker and Sunil Kumar*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395515666191026140006

Review Article

Recent advances in metabolites from medicinal plants in cancer prevention and treatment

, 2019; 15(2): 185-201.

Manzoor A. Mir*, Syed S. Hamdani, Bashir A. Sheikh and Umar Mehraj

DOI: 10.2174/1573395515666191102094330

Review Article

HIV and SIV in body fluids: From breast milk to the genitourinary tract

, 2019; 15(1): 139-152.

Kattayoun Kordy, Nicole H. Tobin and Grace M. Aldrovandi*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180605085313

Review Article

Pediatric HIV-1 acquisition and lifelong consequences of infant infection

, 2019; 15(1): 131-138.

Cody S. Nelson, Genevieve G.A. Fouda and Sallie R. Permar*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666180531074047

Most Accessed Articles

New Vaccines and Delivery Strategies for Adult Immunization

, 2011; 7(1): 44-49.

Elisa Prieto-Lara, Manuel Carnero and Joaquin Fernandez-Crehuet

DOI: 10.2174/157339511794474208

Aging of the Innate Immune System: An Update

, 2011; 7(1): 104-115.

Shegufta Mahbub, Aleah L. Brubaker and Elizabeth J. Kovacs

DOI: 10.2174/157339511794474181

Antiviral Immunity

, 2011; 7(1): 19-24.

Jose Maria Navarro and Mercedes Perez-Ruiz

DOI: 10.2174/157339511794474244

Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and its Relationship with the Immune System and Oxidative Stress

, 2018; 14(1): 15-23.

Ada Paloma Soto-Brambila, Genaro Gabriel Ortiz, Paloma Rivero-Moragrega, Ana Laura Briones-Torres, Luis Javier Gonzalez-Ortiz and Fermin Paul Pacheco-Moises*

DOI: 10.2174/1573395514666171226154300

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Regulatory T cells: Biomarkers and Immunopathogenesis

, 2016; 12(1): 14-19.

Carlos H. Hiroki, Rafaela P. Erthal, Ana P.L. Pereira, Letícia M. Pacholak, Thiago C. Fujita, Poliana C. Marinello, Idessânia N. Costa, Sérgio P.D. da Rocha, Maria A.E. Watanabe and Carlos E.C. de Oliveira

DOI: 10.2174/1573395511666150923234547

Virus-Associated Vasculitides: An Update

, 2013; 9(1): 2-12.

Christian Pagnoux and David Saadoun

DOI: 10.2174/1573395511309010002

Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Allergic Disease

, 2013; 9(4): 214-221.

Sean Lund, Hannah H. Walford and Taylor A. Doherty

DOI: 10.2174/1573395510666140304235916

Inflammasomes – A Mini-Review

, 2016; 12(1): 27-34.

Mahirah Mahmud, Mek K. Jing and Adi Idris

DOI: 10.2174/1573395511666150706181159


Cecil Czerkinsky
Institut de Pharmacologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire
660 Route des Lucioles
Valbonne, 06560
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Journal History

Current Immunology Reviews Journal was launched in 2005. Dr. Cecil Czerkinsky serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.


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