Advanced Numerical Methods for Complex Environmental Models: Needs and Availability

Part C: Sensitivity of European Pollution Levels to Changes of Human-Made Emissions

Author(s): Zahari Zlatev, Krassimir Georgiev and Ivan Dimov

Pp: 301-326 (26)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608057788113010013

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Systematic changes of the human-made emissions in Europe were simulated by applying a carefully chosen series of appropriate scenarios and the impact of these changes on the pollution levels in different parts of the model domain was studied. It was established that, while the changes of the sulphur pollutants correspond in a nearly perfect way to the changes of the emissions, for the most of the other pollutants this was not true. Furthermore, the experiments also indicate that the changes in the different part of Europe can be rather different although the emissions were reduced with the same factor. The conclusions are illustrated by many results presented in tables and plots. Several ideas for future research in this direction are briefly discussed in the end of this chapter.

Keywords: Sensitivity, human-made emissions, pollution levels, model domain, sulphur pollutants, UNI-DEM (the Unified Danish Eulerian Model), Africa, Asia, Atlantic Ocean, climate changes, Basic Scenario, EMEP, Minimal reductions, maximal reductions, sulphur di-oxide, TOTSO4 concentrations, critical limits, anthropogenic emission, AOT40 for crops, AOT40 for forest trees, bad days.

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