Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity

Assays of Phenoloxidase Activity

Author(s): Priscilla F. F. Amaral and Bernardo D. Ribeiro

Pp: 195-207 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608053001113010012

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Phenoloxidases are enzymes with broad substrate specificity tward a lot of phenols with several biotechnological applications. There are an expressive amount of methods in literature available for determining their activities. However, spectofotometric methods are much more practical and with very good evaluation by the users. Kinetic studies show that methods that measure the appearance of a product are much better over methods that measure substrate disappearance. Therefore, those kinds of methods are shown here.

Keywords: Phenoloxidase, phenolic compounds, polyphenols, diamines, anilines, tyrosinase, laccases, dopaquinone, o-quinones, diphenolase activity, p-Cresol, catechol, oxygen, L-Dopa, melanin, ascorbic acid, dopachrome, L-tirosine, spectrophotometer, Agaricus bispora.

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