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Development and Assessment of Data in Solarpowered System for Simultaneous Production of Power, Heating, and Cooling

Author(s): Mohd Parvez*, Taufique Ahamad and Osama Khan

Pp: 36-47 (12)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815196320124030006

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The primary objective of the study is to investigate the trigeneration system for the simultaneous production of power, heating, and cooling, driven by solar power towers employing molten salt as the heat transfer fluid. A comparative analysis is provided between refrigerants (LiNO3-H2O and LiBr-H2O), so as to evaluate the best thermodynamic performance for the vapor absorption refrigeration system among them. A novel concept of uncertainty analysis is introduced which is a prime instance in this research area so as to provide much better results with precision removing all human and machine errors stipulated to be 5.34 % which is to be found in the desired range. Combined energy and exergy analyses are performed to investigate the variation in efficienices while altering various performance parameters for the trigeneration system. The highest exergy destruction was found to be 33.6% by the central receiver, 24.9% by heliostat, and 7.8% by heat recovery steam generators. The highest energy and exergy efficiencies (62.6% and 20.6%) were obtained by LiBr-H2O, whereas (60.9% and 19.6%) were obtained from LiNO3-H2O refrigerant. 

Keywords: Cycle, energy efficiency, exergy efficiency, irreversibility, molten salt, central receiver, direct normal irradiance.

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