Intelligent Technologies for Automated Electronic Systems

Innovative Device for Automatically Notifying and Analyzing the Impact of Automobile Accidents

Author(s): R. Kabilan*, R. Ravi, R. Mallika Pandeeswari and S. Shargunam

Pp: 1-13 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815179514124010003

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In many nations, motorcycle accidents are a big public issue. Despite public awareness campaigns, the problem continues to grow as a result of poor riding habits such as riding without a helmet, dangerous driving, drunk driving, riding without enough sleep, and so on. Because of late help to those who have been in accidents, the rate of deaths and disabilities is quite high. People who are implicated suffer significant economic and social consequences as a result of them. As a result, various research organizations and large motorcycle companies have developed safety systems to safeguard riders from harm. Furthermore, a dElectronics and Communication Engineeringnt motorcycle safety system is hard to execute and costly. The integration of modern communication technologies into the automotive industry allows for greater assistance to people wounded in traffic accidents, a reduction in the time it takes emergency services to respond, and an increase in the amount of knowledge they have about the occurrence. The number of fatalities might be greatly reduced if the resources necessary for each disaster could be determined more precisely. The developed scheme calls for every vehicle to be equipped with an on-board unit that detects and reports accident scenarios to an exterior control unit that assesses the depth of the problem and provides the needed resources to aid it. The creation of a prototype based on off-th- -shelf equipment indicates that this technology can considerably reduce the time it takes to send emergency services following an accident. 

Keywords: Buzzer, GSM, GPS, LCD, Tilt Sensor, Zigbee.

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