Medicinal Plants, Phytomedicines and Traditional Herbal Remedies for Drug Discovery and Development against COVID-19

Plant Sources of Pro and Anti-Inflammatory Mediators against COVID-19

Author(s): Iqra Yasmin*, Wahab A. Khan, Ayesha Manzoor, Muhammad W. Iqbal and Muhammad Azam

Pp: 91-109 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049510123010006

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The first and the most vital biotic response of the immune system against stress, oxidation, infection, injury and irritation is inflammation. Reports revealed that the anti-inflammatory effect is mediated by various inflammatory cytokines and non-cytokine mediators i.e. tumor necrosis factor alpha-a, nitric oxide, interleukins, interferon gamma-g, and prostaglandin E2 respectively. Herbal medicine is playing an important role in the treatment of COVID-19. Plant-based foods are rich source of bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) and have a potential anti-inflammatory effect. The purpose of this chapter is to sum up the recent findings of work already done both in vitro and in vivo on the anti-inflammatory effects of plant-based foods. As a source of natural modulators of gene expressions, phytochemicals from plants could be used along with other pharmaceutical formulations as anti-inflammatory drugs. Therefore, the regulation of inflammation by modulating the pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation cytokine expression through different plant-based food also boosts immunity. 

Keywords: Cytokines, Cyclooxygenase, Inflammation, Medicinal Plants, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha

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