Technology for a Sustainable Environment

Application of Nanoparticles in Environmental Monitoring

Author(s): Bhoirob Gogoi*, Neehasri Kumar Chowdhury, Suprity Shyam, Reshma Choudhury and Hemen Sarma

Pp: 108-128 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124033123010010

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The planet is dealing with a major problem of environmental pollution. Year after year, this problem worsens, causing harm to our planet. To combat the major environmental issues, various technologies have been developed over the years. The use of nanomaterials in environmental management is becoming more common. Nanomaterials are increasingly being used to clean the air, purify water, decontaminate soil, and detect pollution. Nanotechnology has emerged as a technique for cleaning up pollution and monitoring degradation of environmental sectors such as air, water and soil. Hence nanotechnology can contribute to the sustainability of the environment. This chapter discusses the use of nanomaterials in the monitoring of air pollutants, organic contaminants and other environmental pollutants, as well as the various methods involved in the production of nanoparticles. 

Keywords: Environmental monitoring, Nanomaterials, Nanoparticles, Pollutants.

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