Nano Materials Induced Removal of Textile Dyes from Waste Water

Introduction to Nanomaterials: Interaction with Water

Author(s): Diptonil Banerjee, Amit Kumar Sharma and Nirmalya Sankar Das

Pp: 1-34 (34)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050295122010003

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The first chapter helps the reader to get acquainted with the basic features of the nanomaterials. Here, the basic properties of nanomaterials, basic synthesis processes, and different applications of nanomaterials are discussed. The novel features of the material are also mentioned. How the suppression of degrees of freedom of electrons that affects the electrical, optical, and other properties, has been discussed in detail. Special emphasis has been given to the resemblance of nanosystems in mother nature, and as a result, few examples have been mentioned. As the objective of the book is to discuss the nanomaterial-induced removal of dye materials from water, thus the interaction between water and the nanomaterials plays one of the major roles. Keeping this in mind, we have discussed the concept of surface tension, surface energy, surface energy components, hydrophobicity, and lotus effect in much depth with their consequences to different particular applications. The discussion has also been done on the concept of contact angle, hysteresis, porosity, and related topic. Thus, this chapter familiarizes the reader acquainted with the basic characteristics, properties, and applications of nanomaterials and provide useful information regarding the interaction of nanomaterials with water, which is the central theme of this book.

Keywords: Contact Angle, Density of the State, Hydrophobicity, Hysteresis, Lotus Effect, Nanomaterial, Quantum Confinement.

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