Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Villages: Advanced Technologies, Development, and Challenges

Intelligent IoT Enabled Lighting System

Author(s): Dankan G. Veeranna*, Ramesha Muniyappa, Sridhara S. Boraiah, Devananda S. Narayanappa and Manoj K. S. Boraiah

Pp: 157-173 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049251122010012

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The term Smart is an acronym for the five components, which are unique,
observable, practicable, appropriate and time-based. IoT identifies the widespread and
increasing number of wireless devices as the trillions of networks of a potentially
global scale running today. When the planet expands quicker, people are drawn to this
clever term. India is one of the world's fastest-growing economies. The Internet of
Things (IoT) offers innovative services and stimulates market shifts. The lighting
industry often welcomes this transition by developing an Internet of Lighting (IoL).
The term smart lighting describes three important design attributes: advanced control,
solid-state, and broad network connectivity in accordance with international standards.
It provides optical networking gateways as an additional function that enables
coexistence with traditional Wi-Fi. In this context, various IoT-compatible wireless
communication interfaces are being used to meet the lighting's needs. Related IoT
systems are forecasted to expand dramatically in the entire smart housing and industrial
sectors in the coming years. These instruments use advanced features, such as the use
of multiple spectral light sources and transitive spectral light to provide. and they use
RF and optical networking mainly for advanced sensing and more recently, they've
started using the Wi-Fi interface as well. Visible Contact of Light. This chapter
presents the numerous options for creating and implementing IoT-based smart lighting
solutions in this chapter. As a result, issues related to interoperability and online
services are addressed, and industrial lighting platforms are also included.

Keywords: Creative Network, Internet of Things, Lighting systems, Smart lighting, Visible light communications.

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