Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Villages: Advanced Technologies, Development, and Challenges

Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Emergence of Smart Cities

Author(s): Ipseeta Nanda and Dileep K. Mohanachandran *

Pp: 1-28 (28)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049251122010004

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a significant provision for the
sustainable development of smart cities. The key features of AI are related to power
computing, storage, and communication speed between people and the real world. AI
highlights a variety of applications that use the Internet of Things (IoT), machine
learning, big data analytics, and cloud infrastructures to provide efficient smart city
functions. This work explores smart city concepts, applications and how AI traverses
the growth of urban areas. The proposed chapter follows a qualitative research method
with content analysis. Focused on secondary data analysis, the result of the work fills
the gaps in the knowledge with the latest information related to three aspects, which
include: first a thematic model detailing the smart cities and IoT applications, second,
details of the existing platforms for a smart city with the use of AI and IoT; and third,
the usage of AI in areas like waste management, water treatment, medical service,
energy management, smart houses, smart gardening, and flood monitoring. This
chapter addresses the theoretical and technological implications by facilitating the
advancement of the body of knowledge.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Functional smart city, Internet of Things, Logistics, Smart home, Smart waste management, Water treatment.

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