Smart Port Management and Strategy

Digitalization of Smart Port

Author(s): Nam-Kyu Park

Pp: 130-146 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050417122010008

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To implement a smart port, a digital platform should be established. The digital platform is the integrated software, database, hardware and communication used to streamline business operations. This chapter intends to review the informationsharing model and TOS (Terminal Operation System) for TOC (Terminal Operation Company). Information from external organizations is essential for smoothing the operation of the container terminal. The terminal operating system consists of a planning system, automatic control system (ACS), a management system and business support system and a business support package. The planning system includes berth planning, ship planning, yard planning, and resource planning plan. ACS has the objective to ensure efficient operations of the automated equipment and to maximize the productivity of the entire terminal. This includes the operation of QCs, AGVs, ARMGCs as well as the automated container yard. The objective comprises maximization of operation efficiency, minimization of empty travel of ARMGC, satisfying scheduled due time and spreading workload among blocks and among QCs. Subsequently, the different modules of the planning system and the Terminal Control System will be described. 

Keywords: Automatic terminal operation system, Berth planning, Information exchange model, Information sharing platform, Optimizer, Ship planning.

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