Advanced Techniques of Analytical Chemistry

Recent Advances and Future Perspectives in Volumetric Analysis

Author(s): Nidhi Garg*, Anju Goyal and Payal Das

Pp: 16-26 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050233122010005

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In recent years, analytical methods and their validations have played an
important role in the quantification of drugs from their dosage forms or biological
samples. The development of various analytical methods with others is very useful for
the investigation of the behaviour of drugs or metabolites or impurities and is also a
useful tool for sensitive detections. In the 18th century, volumetric analysis, also known
as titrimetry, was developed as a control method for determining potash, sulfuric acid,
and, later, hypochlorite, all solutions used in textile bleaching in the textile industry.
The first methods developed were for practical purposes, to control the ‘goodness’ (in
French, titer) of solutions rather than to determine accurate concentrations. Volumetric
analysis is a quantitative analysis used to determine the concentrations of unknown
substances. A reaction occurs when the titrant (known solution) is applied to an
unknown quantity of analyte (unknown solution) and the concentration of the unknown
substance is calculated by knowing the volume of the titrant. Automated titration
equipment is used in medical laboratories and hospitals for the same purpose. Apart
from these, the process is commonly used in analytical laboratories, as well as the
pharmaceutical, food, and petrochemical industries. It is used to calculate the acidity of
a sample of vegetable oil in the biodiesel industry. Volumetric analysis has also been
used in space science to assess the existence of volatile. Titrimetry is one of the oldest
analytical techniques, and it is still commonly used due to its high precision, accuracy,
ease of use, and low cost. Titration is therefore seen as a very basic and effective
technique that can be used in a number of chemical analysis applications. This chapter
describes the development of large-scale industry, recent roles of titrimetry, its
applications and future perspectives.

Keywords: Analytical methods, Analyte, Applications, Biodiesel industry, Biological samples, Chemical analysis, Dosage forms, Drug analysis, Drug development, Food industry, Future perspectives, Large-scale industry, Medical laboratories, Metabolites, Pharmaceuticals, Space science, Titrant, Vegetable oil, Volumetric analysis.

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