Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques

Volume: 3

Non-commercial Polysaccharides-based Chiral Selectors in Enantioselective Chromatography

Author(s): Chexu Wang, Ali Fouad, William Maher and Ashraf Ghanem

Pp: 228-262 (35)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085722119030008

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Enantioselective chromatography is yet well documented as a powerful technique for the enantioselective resolution of racemates. Such potency has been empowered by advances in chiral stationary phases (CSPs). Many polysaccharide derivatives has been utilized as CSP in enantioselective chromatography and several reviews have been prepared focusing on the commercially available CSPs. In this review, we shed some light on the use of non-commercial polysaccharides namely chitosan, glycogen, chitin, pectin and amylopectin and their derivatives as chiral selectors in enantioselective chromatography and alternative polysaccharides derivatives exhibiting better analytical ability than para-substituted derivatives of polysaccharides.

Keywords: Chiral Selectors, HPLC, Polysaccharides.

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