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Formulation, Optimization and In vitro / In vivo Characterization of Spray Dried Doxorubicin Loaded Folic Acid Conjugated Gelatin Nanoparticles

Author(s): Harjit Singh, Bharat Khurana, Daisy Arora and Sukhbir Kaur*

Volume 14, Issue 3, 2021

Published on: 05 May, 2020

Page: [367 - 380] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1874467213666200505095143

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Aim: Formulation, optimization and anticancer activity of spray-dried Doxorubicin loaded folic acid conjugated Gelatin nanoparticles (DOX-FA-GN).

Methods: Doxorubicin loaded gelatin nanoparticles (DOX-GN) were prepared by the Coacervation phase separation method, optimized using DoE and then conjugated with folic acid by covalent coupling to formulate Doxorubicin loaded folic acid conjugated nanoparticles (DOX-FA-GN). The formulated nanoparticles were characterized to evaluate its physicochemical properties. Cellular uptake and cell viability studies were carried out using MTT assay and biodistribution studies were carried out in Wistar rats.

Results: Particle size, PDI and entrapment efficiency for optimized DOX-GN were found to be 152.3 ± 9.3 nm 0.294 ± 0.1 and 86.9± 3.4% while for DOX-FA-GN, 193.9 ± 12.3 nm 0.247 ± 0.2 and 84 ± 3.6%. The cytotoxic studies showed a cell viability of 75.1% for DOX-GN and 29.5% DOX-FA-GN. Biodistribution studies were found to be statistically insignificant for conjugated nanoparticles with excellent flow properties. Significantly higher DOX distribution in the lungs was observed in the case of DOX-FA-GN.

Conclusion: There was a higher uptake of DOX on HeLa cells with DOX-FA-GN compared to DOX-GN. Also, the biodistribution of Dox in the lungs of Wistar rats was higher in conjugated nanoparticles as compared to unconjugated nanoparticles.

Keywords: Doxorubicin, spray-dried, MTT assay, cellular uptake studies, doxorubicin-folic acid gelatin nanoparticles, targeted delivery, HPLC.

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