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Bentham eBooks Indexed in Book Citation Index, Thomson Reuters

News release date: November 04, 2016

Book Citation Index has indexed twenty seven books on various subject areas published by Bentham eBooks. The Book Citation Index in the Web of Science, Thomson Reuters, connects a collection of books from a library to powerful new discovery tools, enabling the researchers to quickly and easily identify, and access the most relevant books.

Following is the list of books included in the index:

  1. Current Perspectives in Clinical Treatment & Management in Workers' Compensation Cases
  2. Solubility, Delivery and ADME Problems of Drugs and Drug Candidates
  3. New Developments in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 1
  4. Frontiers in CNS Drug Discovery, Vol 1
  5. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 5
  6. Antibodies Applications and New Developments
  7. Toll-Like Receptors in Diseases of the Lung
  8. Recent Trends on QSAR in the Pharmaceutical Perceptions
  9. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 6
  10. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 7
  11. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 8
  12. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 9
  13. Emerging Chagas Disease
  14. Microcirculation and Insulin Resistance
  15. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 4
  16. Current Technologies to Increase the Transdermal Delivery of Drugs
  17. Preclinical Atherosclerosis, Global Cardiovascular Risk and Cardiovascular Events
  18. Dermatological Treatments
  19. Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer: Concepts and Controversies
  20. Body Contouring Following Bariatric Surgery and Massive Weight Loss: Post-Bariatric Body Contouring
  21. Smart Nanomaterials for Sensor Application
  22. The Spleen
  23. Preventive Female Sex Factors Against the Development of Chronic Liver Disease
  24. Multiple Myeloma - A New Era of Treatment Strategies
  25. Pregnancy Disorders and Perinatal Outcomes
  26. Nanocoatings Nanosystems Nanotechnologies
  27. How Selegiline ((-)-Deprenyl) Slows Brain Aging

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