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Elsevier and Bentham Science agree to a Co-distribution Alliance

News release date: July 27, 2015

Elsevier Broadens Availability of Bentham eBooks in the fields of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Science

Elsevier and Bentham Science recently agreed to a distribution and co-publishing alliance, and the first titles are now available. It’s a mutually beneficial alliance. For Bentham, their chemistry titles will be distributed through Elsevier’s global sales channels, including ScienceDirect, which gives the books higher profile and growth opportunity in the global market. Elsevier benefits with immediate growth in its chemistry portfolio of books, giving researchers greater access to needed chemistry content covering pharmaceutical science, medicinal chemistry, and other multi-disciplinary topics.

The three titles recently published by and available through Elsevier are:

Primary editor Atta ur-Rahman,PhD, FRS, FPAS, is a Pakistani organic chemist and a leading scientist in the field of natural product chemistry, with approximately 983 publications to his name in the field of organic chemistry. He has edited more than 40 books published by Bentham Science and Elsevier.

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