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Chemical Abstracts Service indexes Bentham Science Books:

News release date: October 25, 2013

Bussum, Netherlands, 25 October, 2013: Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society accepts the coverage of 40 eBooks published by Bentham Science Publishers. The list of eBooks recently indexed by CAS can be viwed at (

Chemical Abstracts Service aims to deliver a complete and effective digital information environment for global scientific research and discovery. It provides pathways to published research in the world's journal and patent literature relevant to chemistry, life sciences and in other relevant scientific disciplines.

Bentham Science published 353 eBooks up to 2013. Bentham eBooks are published in a range of disciplines including science, technology, medicine, and the social sciences. Bentham eBooks are a useful source of information to academics, corporate researchers, graduates and under-graduates. Bentham eBooks are available on order in a user- friendly PDF format and can be downloaded directly from the website.

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