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Bentham Science Launches two new journals:

News release date: January 4, 2013

Bussum, Netherlands, 4 January 2013: Bentham Science announce the launch of Nanotechnology and Metabolomics in January 2013. These new journals are available in both print and electronic editions. The inaugural journal issues are available for free online viewing via and respectively.

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology publishes original manuscripts, reviews, thematic issues, rapid technical notes and commentaries that provide insights into the synthesis, characterisation and pharmaceutical (or iagnostic) application of materials at the nanoscale. For details visit the journal’s website at

Current Metabolomics publishes timely reviews, original research articles, thematic issues, and technical notes covering all aspects of the recent advancements and applications of metabolomics technology to systems biology, disease diagnosis, personalized medicine, and drug discovery. For details visit the journal’s website at

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