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Partnering Events (Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics)

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Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics

A4M-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - April 2022 (29-30)
Location: Florida, USA

World Congress on Food and Nutrition - December 2018 (10-12)
Location: Dubai, UAE

Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Signaling - August 2018 (05-10)
Location: Snowmass Village, CO, USA

2nd International Congress on Advances in Food Chemistry and Technology - September 2018 (14-15)
Location: Vancouver, Canada

16 International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference - October 2016 (03-06)
Location: Praha 9, Czech republic

3rd World Congress of Clinical Lipidology - February 2017 (10-12)
Location: Brisbane, Australia