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Terms and Conditions
  • The US dollar ($) prices quoted are definitive.
  • Journal Subscription Agents: Please contact our subscription department for details.
  • Academic Rates: The academic subscription rate is valid only for academic institutions (e.g. universities, hospitals and not for profit organizations) and not to companies and corporations (e.g. pharmaceutical companies).
  • Corporate Rates: The Corporate subscription rate is valid for companies and corporations (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) and for profit organizations.
  • Personal Rates: The personal subscription rate is applicable only to individuals who order in their personal capacity.
  • All listed journals are available in print and online (electronic) editions. For back volumes, contact our subscription department for pricing and availability.
  • All subscription orders must be prepaid.
  • All subscription orders apply for the calendar year only.
  • Cancellations: No refunds will be made after the first issue of the journal for the year has been dispatched.
  • Claims for missing issues are only accepted within 4 months of dispatch. If your order has been processed via a Subscription Agent, kindly contact them to claim the missing issue(s).
  • Our Internet company page is
  • Online subscriptions: Please note that the academic and corporate online subscription rate applies to one site access only.
  • Consortia and multi-site licenses: In the case of multiple sites and/or proxy access (Global Online License) or consortia, please contact us for the exact pricing details. A Global Online License is based on the number of sites and people accessing from each site. Contact us at and for Europe:
  • With a personal subscription, a subscriber is entitled to the print version only. Personal subscriptions are strictly for personal use and the subscriber is not allowed to distribute the journals for use within a corporation or academic institution. Individuals will be allowed a maximum of 4 subscriptions at the personal rate per annum and will be required to pay the Institutional rate for any additional subscriptions. Individual subscriptions are dispatched only to home addresses. Personal subscriptions must be ordered directly via the Subscription Department of Bentham Science and must be paid by means of personal cheque / credit card.
  • Dispatch: Prices include airmail delivery.
  • Change of address: Please give four weeks notice of change of address, supplying both the old and new address details.
  • Discounts: We offer discounts for multiple subscriptions
Personal subscriptions:
  • 2 journals: 10% discount
  • 3 journals: 15% discount
Academic and corporate subscriptions:
  • Please contact our subscription department for details.
  • Single issues may be ordered. For prices, kindly contact the subscription department

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