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Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12, 4 Issues, 2019
ISSN: 1874-477X (Online)
ISSN: 2212-7976 (Print)
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Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering, Volume 6 - Number 1

Novel Techniques for Safer Operation of Present Nuclear Power Plants After Fukushima Disaster

, 6(1): 58 - 74

Parviz Parvin, Maryam Ilchi-Ghazaani, Ali Bavali, Vajiheh Daneshafrooz, Seyedeh Z. Mortazavi, Alireza Moosakhani, Akbar Nazari-Golshan, Mohammad M. Hashemi, Samaneh S. Hosseini, Behzad Mansouri and Shahryar Abachi

DOI: 10.2174/2212797611206010006

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