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Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

Volume 12, 3 Issues, 2021
ISSN: 1876-1429 (Online)
ISSN: 2212-7984 (Print)
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Most Cited Articles

Review Article

Non-saccharomyces commercial starter cultures: Scientific trends, recent patents and innovation in the wine sector

, 2020; 11(1): 27-39.

Ludovic Roudil , Pasquale Russo*, Carmen Berbegal , Warren Albertin , Giuseppe Spano and Vittorio Capozzi

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190131103713

Systematic Review Article

Whole grains, dietary fibers and the human gut microbiota: A systematic review of existing literature

, 2020; 11(3): 235-248.

Hadith Tangestani, Hadi Emamat, Hamid Ghalandari and Sakineh Shab-Bidar*

DOI: 10.2174/2212798411666200316152252

General Review Article

Overview of nanocellulose in food packaging

, 2020; 11(2): 154-167.

Erika Souza, Leda Gottschalk and Otniel Freitas-Silva*

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190715153715

Research Article

Selecting yield and nutritional traits in sphenostylis stenocarpa landraces for food improvement

, 2020; 11(1): 69-81.

Charity Aremu, Micheal Abberton, Timothy Adebiyi, Abiola J. Asaleye*, Henry Inegbedion, Stephen Abolusoro, Aruna Adekiya, Christopher Aboyeji and OluGbenga Dunsin

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190307131047

General Research Article

Ammoides verticillata essential oil as biocontrol agent of selected fungi and pest of olive tree

, 2020; 11(2): 182-188.

Hanane Senouci, Nassira G. Benyelles, Mohammed EA Dib*, Jean Costa and Alain Muselli

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190619110251

General Research Article

Effect of trichoderma reesei degraded date pits supplementation on growth performance, immunoglobulin levels, and intestinal barrier functions of broiler chickens

, 2020; 11(2): 168-181.

Salem Rashed Alyileili*, Khaled El-Tarabily*, Wissam Hachem Ibrahim, Mohsin Sulaiman and Ahmed Soliman Hussein

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190716163009

Research Article

Optimization of pectin extraction from sweet potato peels using citric acid and its emulsifying properties

, 2020; 11(3): 202-210.

Nurul Hazirah Hamidon, Dayang Norulfairuz Abang Zaidel* and Yanti Maslina Mohd Jusoh

DOI: 10.2174/2212798411666200207102051

General Research Article

Chemical constituents, antioxidant, anticholinesterase and antiproliferative effects of Algerian pistacia atlantica desf. Extracts

, 2020; 11(3): 249-256.

Imene Achili, Amel Amrani, Chaouki Bensouici, Fatih Gül, Muhammed Altun, Ibrahim Demirtas, Djamila Zama, Fadila Benayache and Samir Benayache*

DOI: 10.2174/2212798411666200207101502

General Review Article

Impact of curcumin on traumatic brain injury and involved molecular signaling pathways

, 2020; 11(2): 137-144.

Tahereh Farkhondeh, Saeed Samarghandian*, Babak Roshanravan and Leila Peivasteh-roudsari

DOI: 10.2174/2212798410666190617161523

Review Article (Mini-Review)

A review of recent patents (2016-2019) on plant food supplements with potential application in the treatment of neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders

, 2020; 11(2): 145-153.

Rosalba Leuci, Leonardo Brunetti, Antonio Laghezza, Paolo Tortorella, Fulvio Loiodice and Luca Piemontese*

DOI: 10.2174/2212798411666200313145824

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