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Shield for Sand: An Innovative Barrier for Windblown Sand Mitigation

, 2018; 12(3): 237 - 246

Luca Bruno*, Nicolas Coste, Davide Fransos, Andrea Lo Giudice, Luigi Preziosi and Lorenzo Raffaele

Direct Conversion of Electric Input Signals into Fluidic Output

, 2018; 12(2): 92 - 102

Vaclav Tesar* and Jiri Sonsky

Critical and Comprehensive Evaluation of High Pressure Pipeline Rehabilitation Methods and Patents for Seeking Innovation Trends

, 2018; 12(1): 46 - 55

Heriberto Maury*, Jorge Bris, Humberto Gomez, Abraham Sanchez, Victor Medina, Marianela Ojeda, Orlando Escorcia, Carlos Bermejo, Alvaro Morelo and Julio Medina

Perspectives on the Application of Supercritical Antisolvent Fractionation Process for the Purification of Plant Extracts: Effects of Operating Parameters and Patent Survey

, 2016; 10(2): 88 - 97

Abel R.C. Torres, Ádina L. Santana, Diego T. Santos and M. Angela A. Meireles

Cloud Application Platform as a Service in Educational Environments

, 2015; 9(1): 69 - 76

Jorge R. B. Garay, Alexandre M. de Oliveira, Juan C. Z. Torres, Marcelo K. Zuffo and Roseli de D. Lopes

Interpolation Method and Frequency Independent Peak Amplitude Measurement of Orthogonal – Periodic Signals

, 2011; 5(2): 82 - 93

Anton Pletersek, Roman Benkovic and Janez Trontelj

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