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Recent Patents on Engineering

Volume 13, 4 Issues, 2019
ISSN: 2212-4047 (Online)
ISSN: 1872-2121 (Print)
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Design of Insertion Mechanism with Friction Wheels for Cannula Flexible Needle Based on TRIZ

Yan-Jiang Zhao*, Ji-Chao Yang, Yong-De Zhang, Jia Liu, Zhi-Qing Liu and Ze-Hua Liu

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Simulation on Incipient Particle Motion in Highly-Inclined Annulus

Chen Ye, Wang Kelin*, Sun Xiaofeng, Qu Jingyu and Yang Xiangtong

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Development of Eco-Magnesium Based Composite with Enhanced Mechanical, Damping and Ignition Properties

Gururaj Parande, Manoj Gupta*, Vyasaraj Manakari and Sripathi Dev Sharma Kopparthy

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A Human Memory Process Modeling

Rahul Shrivastav, Prabhat Kumar* and Sudhakar Tripathi

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Wing Thickness Optimization for Box Wing Aircraft

Jemitola P. Olugbeji, Okafor E. Gabriel* and Godwin Abbe

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Review on Seawater Greenhouse: Achievements and Future Development

Tahani K. Bait-Suwailam and Abdulrahim M. Al-Ismaili *

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Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm and its Applications

Hui Qi*, Jinqing Li, Xiaoqiang Di, Weiwu Ren and Fengrong Zhang

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Service Discovery and Selection in Internet of Things- A Review

Neeti Kashyap*, A. Charan Kumari and Rita Chhikara

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The Inventive Activity in Biodiesel Production

Gerardo Angulo-Cuentas, Luz Cadena-Wilches* and Elvis Nuñez-Mejia

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Cannabis: Innovation Opportunities for its Medical Use

Gerardo Angulo-Cuentas, Maryuris Charris-Polo and Jose Ramirez-Vergara*

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An Improved Genetic Algorithm on Hybrid Information Scheduling

Jingmei Li, Qiao Tian, Fangyuan Zheng* and Weifei Wu

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Cloud Provider's Response to Multiple Models of Attack Behaviors

Xu Liu, Xiaoqiang Di*, Jinqing Li, Huamin Yang, Ligang Cong and Jianping Zhao

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A Novel Classifier Design Algorithm Based on Gray Relation Theory

Hui Han, Jingchao Li*, Xiang Chen and Yulong Ying

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3D Finite Element Simulation for Turning of Hardened 45 Steel

Meng Liu, Guohe Li*, Xueli Zhao, Xiaole Qi and Shanshan Zhao

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Recent Patents on Magnetic Encoder and its use in Rotating Mechanism

Lei Wang*, Qimin Ren, Jingang Jiang, Hongxin Zhang and Yongde Zhang

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A Statistical Tool for Time Synchronization Problem in WSN

Divya Upadhyay*, Ashwani Kumar Dubey and P. Santhi Thilagam

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Design and Analysis of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer

Rashmi Sharma*, Rekha Agarwal, Ashwani Kumar Dubey and Anil Arora

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Models in Grid Computing: A Review

Dolly Sharma*, Shailendra Singh and Mamta Mittal

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Simulation Based Topology Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network

Jeetu Sharma*, Akanksha Shukla and Reema Singh Chauhan

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